Donghe District Judicial Bureau Special Review Meeting; Tumut Right Banner Judicial Bureau to build a learning organization

Donghe District Justice Bureau held

Thematic Review Meeting on Optimizing the Business Environment

A few days ago, the Bureau of Justice of Donghe District, Baotou City invited business representatives and CPPCC members , lawyer representatives, community representatives and other representatives from all walks of life held a special review meeting again.

At the meeting, the responsible comrades of the Donghe District Judicial Bureau on behalf of the leadership team compared “9 whether”, “5 cracks”, the party committee The Political and Legal Committee issued 12 typical cases to deeply analyze the existing problems and causes, actively explore solutions, and members of the leadership team conducted analysis and inspections in turn. Representatives from all walks of life reported that the inspection conference not only demonstrated the firm determination of the judicial and administrative team of Donghe District to change their style and concept, but also established a good communication mechanism with representatives of enterprises and all walks of life, and the meeting achieved good social response.

The meeting emphasized the need for continuous learning and education. We must continue to improve our political position, take the discussion event on “Welcome to the 20th National Congress, optimize the business environment under the rule of law, and serve and ensure high-quality development” as a major political task, insist on learning and education throughout, and thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping The idea of ​​the rule of law, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on optimizing the business environment under the rule of law, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the Autonomous Region Conference on Optimizing the Business Environment, deeply understand the significance of optimizing the business environment under the rule of law, strengthen typical education, and stimulate endogenous motivation , establish a sense of service, change the concept of law enforcement, and effectively transform the learning and education achievements into specific practices for optimizing the business environment under the rule of law.

The meeting emphasized the need to grasp key links and highlight the key points of work. It is necessary to focus on the difficulties, pain points, and blocking points that plague the development of enterprises, and practically promote the solution of a number of practical problems that affect the rule of law business environment. The meeting emphasized the need to focus on the implementation of rectification. It is necessary to adhere to the problem orientation, compare and inspect the materials, rectify item by item, establish a list of problems, implement sales management, clarify goals and requirements, keep an eye on them, and promote the optimization of the camp with a better work style and a hard-working mental state. The work of the “big discussion” on the business environment has achieved practical results.

Donghe District Justice Bureau

Tumut Right Banner Justice Bureau

Focusing on learning type agency

In recent years, the Judiciary Bureau of Tumet Right Banner in Baotou City has closely revolved around “speaking about politics, taking care of The overall requirements of the work of “the overall situation, seeking development, and focusing on self-improvement”, focus on building a learning organization, promote party members to learn one step first, master the cutting-edge theory of judicial business work, improve legal services, legal supervision, and legal protection capabilities and levels, and achieve certain results.

Implement the collective learning system. Combines the study of all party members and cadres with the regular meeting system of the bureau, and organizes group study at least once a week. In order to ensure that collective learning is not a mere formality, business backbones are invited to be keynote speakers, and party members and cadres participating in the meeting share their learning experiences one by one, so as to promote collective learning and gain.

Highlight learning points. Starting from serving the overall situation and standardizing judicial administrative requirements, combined with work objectives, focusing on learning about frontier judicial policies and regulations, introduction of advanced case handling experience, etc., to improve the professional level of judicial business. Benchmark and analyze the weaknesses and weaknesses of the bureau’s related work, and explore new ideas for the development of judicial work. Participants are encouraged to write research reports and theoretical articles based on their learning situation to promote the exchange of learning outcomes.

Good at using various platforms. Make full use of the three classrooms of online learning for cadres, learning to strengthen the country, and the Judicial Administration Lecture Hall of the Department of Justice to create a strong learning atmosphere. Taking striving to create a learning-oriented judicial administrative organ as an important starting point, organize judicial police officers to carry out diversified political theory and professional knowledge learning, improve political standing and enhance their ability to perform their duties. Use the bureau’s WeChat work platform to push the “Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Action Regulations”, clean government reminders, positive and negative typical cases, etc. to judicial officers, pay attention to the big picture and start small, improve the police officers’ awareness of clean politics, and strengthen the judicial officers’ ability to resist corruption and change Line of defense.

Tumet Right Banner Judicial Bureau will continue to build a learning-oriented organization in the new era and a learning-oriented judicial administrative team , and continuously improve the overall quality of the judicial administrative team.

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