Dong Laibin, Department of Neurology, Zhengzhou Ninth Hospital

[Source: Henan Economic News]

In the scorching summer, Xiao Ming watches dramas, Weibo and Zhihu at home every day. Even if he goes out, he has to wear it A hanging neck fan or hanging neck air conditioner.

I didn’t expect such “greed for coolness” to become the most likely cause of “facial neuritis”. One side of the eye is not closed tightly, the corner of the mouth is crooked, and the mouth is drooling!

In the outpatient service of Zhengzhou Ninth People’s Hospital , Dr. Wang Qiuju from the Department of Neurology solved his doubts: “Facial neuritis” is commonly known as “facial paralysis”, that is, facial nerve paralysis, and facial expression muscle movement disorders caused by facial nerve damage.

Facial nerve paralysis can be caused by central and peripheral causes. Common central causes are cerebrovascular disease, brain tumor, trauma, etc. Peripheral facial paralysis, or “facial neuritis”, is often caused by cold on the face and viral infection, and can occur at any age and season. When the face is cold, cold, and blowing cold wind, the immunity of the body is weakened, the virus is infected, and the virus invades the facial nerve, resulting in a series of symptoms of “facial paralysis”. The main manifestations are the shallowing or disappearance of the forehead lines, incomplete or weak closure of the eyelids, drooping of the corners of the mouth and air leakage of the bulging cheeks. Once the above symptoms appear, you must go to the hospital in time, and after excluding the lesions of the brain, carry out systematic and regular treatment. Clinically, antiviral drugs, nutritional nerve drugs, glucocorticoids and other drugs are mainly used. In addition to drug treatment, infrared irradiation, acupuncture, rehabilitation and other treatments are also very important for the recovery of facial nerve function. After active and regular treatment, most patients can get better recovery, and only a few will leave permanent nerve damage.

Dong Laibin, Chief Physician, Department of Neurology, Zhengzhou No. 9 Hospital reminded the general public: to strengthen exercise and improve physical fitness, pay attention to keeping the face and the back of the ear warm in cold seasons, avoid wind-cold, avoid direct wind, etc. In the hot summer, no matter whether you use a fan, air conditioner or hanging neck fan, you must not let the head and face directly cool and blow for a long time, so as not to induce facial neuritis and various neuralgias of the head and face. (Fan Xing)

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