Dog days are sultry and unbearable, beware of heat stroke!

[Source: Chaoyang County Center for Disease Control and Prevention]

It entered the dog days, high temperature and humidity,

is heat stroke high season.

It is extremely hot,

Disease control experts remind again,

< span>Beware of heat stroke.

How to prevent heat stroke in daily life

Tips for preventing heat stroke, adhere to “Three MustsThree Don’ts

Three essentials:

One is more Drink water

In hot weather, whether or not you exercise, you should increase your fluid intake.

Drink at least 2-4 glasses of cold water (500-1000ml) per hour if you need to perform physical work or strenuous exercise in a high temperature environment.

For workers exposed to the scorching sun, due to the large amount of sweat, they can supplement salt and minerals by drinking salt water or sports drinks containing trace elements such as potassium and magnesium. Substances, the salt content of beverages should be 0.15%-0.2%.

Second, the diet should be light and adequate rest

In hot weather, the diet should be as light as possible , Eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less high-fat and high-fat foods.

Get enough sleep.

Third, it is necessary to moderately cool down indoors to avoid the heat

Indoors, air conditioners and fans can be used to cool down .

When the indoor temperature is higher than 35 degrees, you should consider using an air conditioner, set the temperature of the air conditioner reasonably, and pay attention to opening windows for ventilation in a timely manner.

Three don’t:

Do not drink high-sugar, frozen and other beverages

alcoholic or high-sugar beverages It will cause the body to lose more body fluids and should not be consumed.

Try to avoid cold drinks to avoid stomach cramps.

For some patients who need to limit their fluid intake, the amount of water they drink at high temperatures should be in accordance with the doctor’s advice to avoid drinking a lot of water at one time.

Two do not go out during high temperature periods

It is best to avoid outdoor activities at noon, try Schedule time in the morning or evening, and try to be active or rest in the shade as much as possible. When working outdoors, you should pay attention to scheduling and adjusting your breath.

Wear light, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses as much as possible.

Carry heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs with you when you go out, such as wind oil essence, etc.

Third, don’t ignore your physical condition

If you find yourself or those around you have heat stroke symptoms , please do this:

1. Stop the activity immediately and move to a cool place to rest;

2. Add water, Take a small sip and drink slowly;

3. Unbutton the collar, tie, etc., keep the surrounding ventilated, apply or take anti-heat medicine;

4. If it doesn’t get better after rest, seek medical attention in time to avoid worsening of the condition.

When using an air conditioner, be wary of “cold”heat

If you already have mild symptoms of “cold heatstroke”, be sure to add more water and move to a cool place to rest for about 5- After 6 minutes, it can be relieved on its own.

The most comfortable temperature for the human body in summer is around 23-27 degrees. Generally, it is more appropriate to set the air conditioner to 26 degrees.

Before going out, you should open the window for ventilation, try to reduce the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and let the human body adapt to it for a while before going out to prevent “cold heatstroke”. At the same time, remind everyone to return to the indoor from the hot outdoors, and the temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low!

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