Does using a rice cooker cause cancer? It is not recommended to use a rice cooker with a damaged coating, or it is not good for the body

With the increasing abundance of electronic appliances, the Chinese people’s cooking methods are also increasingly rich, from the previous large pot to cook rice with wood fire, Up to now, rice cookers are used to cook rice, use electric stoves to cook, and ovens are used to prepare food. Adjust the time and enjoy a quick meal.

With the increasing abundance of household appliances, cooking has also become very convenient. But at the same time convenient, also cause many people’s concerns. For example, a news report some time ago reported that a couple had liver cancer because they used a rice cooker to cook for a long time.

This news attracted the attention of the majority of netizens once it was released. As people were too worried, it was hyped by netizens. This made the news more and more popular. has also attracted more and more attention to this matter.

First, the “culprit” of cancer is actually a rice cooker?

Why do people think that cooking with a rice cooker will cause cancer? Why are there so many articles about “rice cookers cause cancer”? The reason why there are many rumors on the Internet that rice cookers can cause cancer when cooking is mainly because the inner coating of rice cookers is a substance called polytetrafluoroethylene.

Teflon is a material with low friction and non-stick properties, So it is often used to make the inner pot coating of rice cookers. So is it true that cooking with a rice cooker can cause cancer? This is mainly related to whether the polytetrafluoroethylene material used to make the non-stick cooker will be dissolved at high temperature and produce carcinogens.

In order to verify this rumor, CCTV conducted an experiment. Put the teflon material scraped from the rice cooker in the environment of 260 ℃ and 350 ℃. It was found that the properties of PTFE at 260°C were extremely stable, and no dissolution was found due to 260°C, and no other harmful substances were produced due to high temperature. Decomposition will occur when the temperature is above 300℃.

However, in daily cooking, the maximum temperature is 100℃, and it is often difficult to reach 300℃ or above, so I usually do There is no need to worry about the dissolution of rice. Therefore, using a rice cooker can cause cancer. This is a rumor that has no scientific basis and is also untrue. You can use the rice cooker to cook rice with confidence. Although rice cooker cooking does not cause cancer, if the coating of the rice cooker is peeled off, long-term use of the peeled rice cooker to cook rice may cause liver cancer.

Second, it is not recommended to use, it may catalyze liver cancer

< span>The coating of rice cookers can actually prevent cancer to a certain extent, but many people easily remove these coatings, which can easily cause the rice to be burnt. There are also many people who do not know where to go after plugging in the rice cooker, causing the rice to burn, burn, or even turn black. Eating this kind of burnt rice for a long time will harm your health, and Unhealthy health can easily lead to cancer, especially liver cancer.

And without the coating protection of the inner pot of the rice cooker, the rice cooker is easy to rust, The rusted rice cooker may derived carcinogens. These substances can cause cancer when people eat rice in a rice cooker and enter the body.

After the coating inside the rice cooker comes off, the aluminum inside the inside of the cooker is also prone to chemical damage reaction, resulting inToxic and harmful substances, When these substances enter the human body with cooked rice, they are likely to induce cancer. Therefore, the rice cooker that has lost the inner liner coating must not be used again. Therefore, we need to protect the coating of the rice cooker so that it does not come off.

Third, how to ensure that the coating of the rice cooker does not fall off

1, Don’t use a rice cooker for cooking

There are many great gods on the Internet, take some videos of cooking with a rice cooker, and a meal is as fierce as a tiger. The food that came out was really tasty. However, due to the relatively small area when cooking in the rice cooker, it is inevitable that the iron spoon for cooking will scrape the coating of the rice cooker.

The coating inside the rice cooker can easily fall into the meal, although these falling coatings are excreted by the body, But without coating protection, it is easy to burn the food, and the burnt food is harmful to human health. This is also why some elderly people and children with weak body will have diarrhea after eating the burnt meal cooked by the rice cooker..

Some gods also put the inner pot of the rice cooker directly on the stove or other heat sources for cooking. These methods of placing the inner pot directly on the fire can easily destroy the coating of the rice cooker.

2. Do not wash rice in the inner pot of the rice cooker

Before using the rice cooker to cook, many people, for convenience, will directly load the rice, rinse it, and then plug it in directly to cook the rice. However, using a rice cooker to wash rice directly can easily damage the non-stick coating of the inner pot. Therefore, in order to protect the coating in the rice cooker from being damaged, use another container to clean the rice when washing and cooking the rice, and then put it into the rice cooker to cook the rice.

3. Rice cooker with wire brush

Many people often use wire brushes or nylon brushes and other cleaning products to brush the rice cooker in order to wash it more cleanly.These two cleaning methods can seriously damage the rice cooker coating. In order to protect the inner coating of the rice cooker, it is recommended that you use a mild detergent and a sponge that is not destructive.

The inner liner coating of the rice cooker actually plays a protective role. If the inner coating is removed, the rice cooker will easily rust and peel. The inner pot of the rice cooker will breed many hidden carcinogens, so it is not recommended to continue to use the rice cooker with peeling skin.

In daily life, apart from eating rice in a rice cooker with peeled skin, it can induce liver cancer.There are many more Factors can cause liver cancer. Next, I will explain in detail what are the factors that induce liver cancer!

Fourth, if you don’t pay attention to these, be careful that liver cancer finds you

Liver cancer can be divided into primary liver cancer and secondary liver cancer. There are cancer cells in the human liver itself. When the human liver adapts to the survival of cancer cells, the cancer cells will become diseased, and the number of cancer cells will continue to increase, causing liver cancer and affecting the health of the human liver. of liver cancer is called primary liver cancer.

Secondary liver cancer is Cancer cells from other organs in the human body, transferred to the liver along the flow of blood, thereby causing liver tumors, and finally leading to liver cancer. No matter what form of liver cancer it is, the harm is very great. According to data, most of the patients diagnosed with liver cancer suffer from liver cancer because of liver cirrhosis, and liver cirrhosis is associated with poor living and eating habits, excessive Drug use, heavy drinking, obesity, genetics and other factors are closely linked.

1. Irregular diet< /strong>

Having an irregular diet without a meal can easily cause severe liver discomfort. A long-term abnormal diet will not only cause stomach problems, but also serious It may also cause liver cancer.We recommend that you eat regularly.

2, I like to eat spicy and spicy junk food

burgers, instant noodles, French fries, Mala Tang, Fried, skewered, grilled, oden and other spicy and spicy foods, everything can be grilled and everything can be boiled.Stimulating and spicy taste, strong>Sweet and delicious soup, paired with delicious dipping sauce, the entrance is fragrant, super delicious, because These spicy and spicy foods are also loved by everyone.

But because these delicious foods are highly carcinogenic, are often used called junk food. Studies have shown that 65% of people who eat these foods for a long time will develop cancer, and 45% of them will develop liver cancer, 20% will suffer from other diseases, and 15% will suffer from cancer. People also often experience gastrointestinal discomfort and physical discomfort.

There was once a report that a child seldom accompanies him at home due to his busy work at home, let alone cooking for him. The child has a lot of money, so let him go out to eat by himself. At first, the child was quite obedient and ate in the restaurant downstairs obediently. As they grow older and children are exposed to a lot of delicious snacks,I find that instant noodles are very convenient, just soak them and eat them. You can also save money to buy other junk food such as malatang, hamburgers, fried chicken, etc.

In this way, this child has been eating junk food for nearly 10 years, and suddenly felt uncomfortable in his stomach, called his mother, and waited for her to arrive home The child had fainted in pain. After being sent to the hospital, she was diagnosed with liver cancer. It would not have been a tragedy if the family paid more attention, and if the children ate less junk food. As a parent, you must supervise your children at all times, care more about them, accompany them more, and don’t let your children eat too much junk food.

Not only children like to eat these junk foods, but many adults also like to eat them. Adults who eat junk food for a long time are also prone to cancer. So whether it’s an adult or a child, for the sake of your own health,don’t eat too much junk food.

3, High-fat foods cause obesity

High-fat foods have high fat content, and it is difficult to be completely digested by the human body when eaten in large quantities.Long-term accumulation will cause lead to obesity. Obesity not only causes very serious damage to the liver, stomach, lungs and other organs, but also greatly reduces their vitality, and the vitality of healthy cells also slowly declines.

People may also ingest a lot of carcinogens when they eat, and carcinogens have been ingested.It continuously activates cancer cells. The activation of carcinogens and cancer cells is a double attack, and the already fat and weak body is even worse, and the disaster is heavy. Therefore, it is recommended that people who are too obese must eat a light diet, eat less or no high-fat foods, develop good eating habits, and try to lose weight.

4. Heavy drinking

For people who like to drink alcohol, liver damage is very serious. Studies have shown that people who have been drinking excessively for more than 10 years have a much higher risk of developing liver cancer than ordinary people. People who drink heavily for a long time have a 65% chance of developing liver cancer.

Long-term drinkers not only develop liver cancer, but other cancers as well. According to 2015 statistics, long-term alcohol abusers have a 20% risk of stomach cancer, a 10% risk of bowel cancer, a 10% risk of esophageal cancer, and a 60% risk of other cancers. And there are manylong-term alcohol abusers with multiple cancers co-existing. So long-term drinkers must work hard to correct their bad drinking habits for their own health.

5. Overdose

It is a three-part drug, so be careful when taking it. Many people like to take medicine at every turn, and they like to take one or two pills if they have a little cold or a little discomfort, but they do not know that long-term use of medicines is very harmful to the liver and stomach. Long-term indiscriminate drug use results in a large number of drug residues in the human body, which will seriously damage the structure of the liver, stomach and other organs, seriously affect their health, and reduce the vitality of human organs and even lead to organ failure, which eventually leads to cancer.

It is a good habit to have regular medicines at home, but taking medicines indiscriminately whenever you feel uncomfortable will really harm your health. In fact, the body has its own immunity, and some minor colds will cause discomfort, and they can recover by themselves after a short rest. So don’t take medicines unless necessary.

6, Irregular living< /p>

Early to bed and early to rise to be healthy. Experts pointed out that the best time to get up in the morning is 6-7 o’clock. People who go to bed late and often stay up all night are prone to illness, often have a lot of discomfort, and some people may even develop cancer. 6-7 am is the best time to get up early, and it is also the best time for early morning air. During this time, you should embrace nature more, which can wake up your body and mind, and can also enhance the vitality of internal organs.

However, with the increasingly rich nightlife, people often stay up all night in various online games or entertainment venues. Abnormal living habits active in various places. Many of the patients diagnosed with cancer have cancer caused by staying up late for a long time, and the liver cancer tends to be younger. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone must get rid of the habit of staying up late, have a normal life, and go to bed early and get up early.

7. Lack of exercise

Exercise is the foundation of fitness. With the increase of age and the intensification of work and life pressure, the body is easily worn down. If you lack exercise for a long time, the body’s resistance will be worse, and you will be prone to illness and serious illness. can also develop cancer, which can lead to death if left untreated. So be sure to develop a good habit of exercising every day.

Strengthening exercise can improve the body’s resistance and effectively prevent cancer. In our daily life, we can get up early to jog in the park, or we can trot in the evening. You can also dance square dance, do tai chi, practice yoga or hit the gym. Remember to exercise to strengthen your physique,Be sure to focus on relaxing and soothing exercise, Don’t do too stimulating exercise. Be careful that the movement is too large, resulting in waist, leg and hand injuries.


Cooking with a rice cooker will not cause cancer, let alone liver cancer. The material used to make the inner liner of the rice cooker is called polytetrafluoroethylene. This material will decompose only when the temperature is above 300℃. The temperature cannot reach this temperature, so the rice cooker can be used with confidence. Do not use the rice cooker if the coating on the inner liner has been removed, as it may cause liver cancer due to rust or other chemical reactions.

Liver cancer is dangerous. There is only one liver in the human body, and the consequences of cancer are unimaginable. So we must learn to protect our livers. Have a regular diet, don’t eat junk food, don’t drink too much, don’t stay up late. Insist on exercising to enhance physical fitness and resist disease.

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