Does drinking “drink” cause femoral head necrosis?

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It is often said that drinking alcohol is harmful to health. But did you know?Long-term, heavy drinkingmay also cause osteonecrosis of the femoral head.

600″ >Mr. Liu, who is nearly 50 years old, has had hip pain for more than half a year. At first, the symptoms were not obvious, and the symptoms were relieved after a short rest. Until recently, the symptoms worsened, the pain was unbearable, and even walking became a problem. He went to the hospital to see a doctor. Relying on the specialist experience of the orthopaedic doctor and the imaging data, it was confirmed that the cause of Mr. Liu’s hip pain was “femoral head necrosis “.

Mr. Liu has no trauma and no long-term use of hormone drugs. How could the femoral head be necrotic? After careful discussion, it was found that Mr. Liu was addicted to alcohol, drinking three meals a day. This bad habit is the main cause of femoral head necrosis. Bone Necrosis”.

How does drinking lead to femoral head necrosis?

First, let’s understand where the femoral head is. Put your hand on the line connecting the root of the thigh and the lower abdomen, and feel it along the depression. The bone you touch is roughly the femoral head. The femoral head is an important part of the human hip joint. We can squat, bend, walk, sit and lie down all relying on the support of the femoral head.

In clinical practice, femoral head necrosis, also known as aseptic necrosis of the femoral head or avascular necrosis of the femoral head, is a The local bone death occurs when the blood supply is blocked, and the progression of the disease will lead to the collapse of the femoral head, the destruction of the hip joint, and the severe limitation of the function of the hip joint.

Simply put, the femoral head is ischemia due to various reasons, and the blood circulation goes wrong, and it necroses over time.

Femoral head necrosis is more common in people aged 30 to 50, and is one of the common diseases that cause hip joint disability in young adults.

There are many reasons for femoral head necrosis, in summary, there are three reasons: , trauma. In addition, some diseases can also be combined with femoral head necrosis, such as ankylosing spondylitis, congenital dysplasia of the hip.

The specific mechanism of femoral head necrosis caused by alcohol consumption is still a medical mystery. However,a large number of medical facts have confirmed that there is a direct causal relationship between alcohol consumption and the occurrence of femoral head necrosis.

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Scientific studies have suggested that once the amount of alcohol consumption exceeds the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol, in addition to directly causing lipodystrophy and liver function damage, it will also lead to blood lipids elevation. It causes the blood viscosity to increase, the blood flow speed to slow down, the blood coagulation changes, and the blood cannot be supplied to the bones well, which eventually leads to avascular necrosis of the femoral head.

In addition, Alcohol can cause calcium loss in bones, calcium loss can lead to osteoporosis, osteoporosis can lead to fractures, fractures affect the femur The blood supply to the bone, the ischemic femoral head is prone to necrosis.

Regardless of the disease How the process works, heavy drinking is a huge risk to the femoral head.


Is it true “hip pain”?

Many patients complain of “hip pain” or “hip pain,” but the location of the pain they describe is not the same as what doctors call “hip pain” the same place.

What most people call the “hip” is actually the position on the outer side of the thigh that is equivalent to the pocket of the trousers. Most of the pain and discomfort here is related to The hip joint itself is irrelevant. Hip pain can manifest in the deep groin, buttocks, front of the thighs, and even the knees. Unexplained knee pain needs to consider the possibility of hip disease (including femoral head necrosis), because the human body has a “misjudgment” of pain perception, which is called referred pain.

possible Causes some “unique” manifestations, such asThe affected limb cannot bear its own weight, cannot cross the leg or complete the squat and stand up movements, etc.< span>. Even if these symptoms are not necrosis of the femoral head, you should go to the hospital for examination and ask the doctor for judgment.


still while resting Pain, especially at night that interferes with sleep, not relieved by conventional conservative treatment

If you walk long distances, go up and down stairs, or even climb mountains today, your hip pain gets worse , you can try rest and weight-bearing (such as avoiding strenuous activity or using crutches) first, and the pain tends to subside. If these measures cannot relieve the pain, or even severe pain at rest occurs, you should go to the hospital for further examination in time.


Whether the above Described risk factors?

If you happen to have the three high-risk factors mentioned in this article and have symptoms of hip pain and discomfort, you should go to the hospital more proactively for examination.

Drink as little as you can, don’t drink as much as you can >

A large body of data shows that drinking alcohol does not bring any health benefits, and that any dose of alcohol intake increases the risk of disease.

drinking more, the risk greater,

Health experts recommend:

Drink as little as you can

It is better not to drink if you can!

Recommendations for Chinese Residents

Adult men should drink no more than 25g of alcohol a day, which is equivalent to 750ml of beer, or 250ml of wine, or 75ml of 38-proof liquor, or 50ml of high-quality liquor. Adult women should not exceed 15g, which is equivalent to 450ml of beer, or 150ml of wine, or 50ml of 38-proof liquor, and 30ml of high-quality liquor.

Finally, it should be emphasized thatthe treatment of femoral head necrosis often It is related to the course of the disease. Generally speaking, the earlier the diagnosis and treatment are, the better the effect will be. But there is currently no specific therapy or specific drug that can cure all femoral head necrosis.

Because the treatment of femoral head necrosis is still controversial, there are many false advertisements taking advantage of patients’ eagerness to cure the disease, exaggerating the effect of treatment, and cheating. The patient’s money is lost, and the timely treatment of the disease is delayed.

femoral head necrosis is not an “incurable disease”, as long as early diagnosis, early treatment, With correct and standardized treatment, patients with femoral head necrosis can still achieve satisfactory clinical results.



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