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depression is on the hot search again, making depression into people’s field of vision again. Image source: Weibo screenshot

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, Depression has become the fourth major disease threatening human health,and the prevalence is on the rise. In stark contrast to the high incidence of diseases, some patients have limited cognition and understanding of depression, and 60% of patients do not know that they are suffering from depression. So what are the symptoms of depression?


Wake up early, beware of depression

A study shows that about 50 %‘s first symptom of depression is insomnia, especially early awakening.

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Many people understand insomnia as insomnia Sleep disturbancesanything can be called “insomnia,” such asearly waking up, sleeping less strong>and so on. Insomnia related to depression is mainly manifested as “difficulty falling asleep” and “early waking up”. Among them, there are various reasons for people to have difficulty falling asleep, some people are stressed, some people are excited, Some people have chronic diseases,so it is difficult to clinically attribute “difficulty falling asleep” to depression. The symptoms of “early waking up” are special and are an important indicator for clinicians to judge depression. If you wake up one to two hours earlier than your normal waking time, it is difficult to fall back asleep after waking up, and this situation persists for more than two weeks. Especially after waking up early,owndepressed, During the daynot very spirited. At this time, you should be highly vigilant, and it is recommended to see a psychiatrist to see if you have depression. It should be noted that in addition to depression that can cause early awakening, factors such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, neurodegenerative diseases, and occasional changes in sleep environment, circadian rhythm inversion, excessive stress, and the influence of food and drugs also It’s easy to wake people up early. In addition, the elderly need less sleep and often wake up earlier than the average person the next day, which is a normal phenomenon. Again, after waking up in the middle of the night with urgency to urinate, returning to bed Also falls asleep quicklyalsois not an early awakening. People need to distinguish this, and don’t panic and talk about “depression”.


Unwell Be alert to depression

There is a hidden depression, mainly manifested as some somatic symptoms. For example, the most common is chronic pain in various parts of the body, especiallytrunk, limbs Most common. In addition, difficulty breathing, sweating, fatigue, stomach upset, palpitations, frequent urinationand other symptoms occurred. Case:There is an aunt who has always felt discomfort in the throat and always feels Something got stuck in my throat and I couldn’t swallow or spit it out. In the traditional Chinese medicine hospital, after 3 years of treatment according to “Meiheqi”, the effect is still not very obvious. After 3 months of treatment with antidepressants, the symptoms disappeared.

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  1. loss of interest inthe most basic human desires for food, sex, etc.,for all No interest in social activities and interpersonal communication, even reluctance to wash face, brush teeth, take a bath and get a haircut, and last for more than two weeks.
  2. Sudden body Significant weight loss or significant weight gainfor more than two weeks.

  3. severe sleep disturbance,ordifficulty falling asleep,Wake up at two or three o’clock in the middle of the night, or simply can’t fall asleep all night for more than two weeks.

  4. oftenIrritated, patience becomes poor,Impressed over a little thing, and lasts for more than two weeks.

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  5. Thinking, speaking, acting and other aspects become sluggish, the whole person becomes dull and sluggish, and lasts for more than two weeks.
  6. < span>Although I haven’t done anything all day, I often feel very tired and tired, and even lie in bed for a long time,still span>Too tired, severely unable to even go to the ground for more than two weeks .

  7. feeling life worthless, Days in guilt and self-blame, thinking of myself as a complete failure, a complete idiot, lacking self-confidence in everything, and feeling like no matter what happens My own fault, I even had a strong feeling that “I am a sinner, I have affected everyone, I am sorry for the world, I should not live in this world”, and it continued for more than two weeks.

  8. Can’t concentrate, always on somethingAbsent,Even with dyslexia, staring at the page for a long time without knowing what it means, holding a pen or facing the computer for a long time Can’t write a single line for more than two weeks.

  9. I really want to hurt myself, I haveself-harm behavior, and do not feel pain and discomfort, and when it is severe, the idea of ​​wanting to die occurs repeatedly, as if someone always says “you go to death, you go to death”, and it lasts for more than two weeks.

Photo Gallery span>How to help depressed patients is worth thinking aboutlong-term depression will give patientsphysical and mental healthbringsgreat adverse effects, so pay attention to start the treatment of long-term depression as soon as possible, and pay attention to the prevention and treatment of long-term depression Continued aggravation requires everyone to pay special attention. At present, there are not many solutions to long-term depression, and it is enough to pay attention to choosing a method that suits you, according to Baidu’s experience.

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy

This depression psychotherapy method is mainly used to treat the onset of acute depression in adults, aiming to relieve depression symptoms and improve some social problems of depressed patients. The common interpersonal problems of patients with depression include four aspects, namely abnormal sadness reaction, interpersonal conflict, difficulty in role change and lack of interpersonal communication.

  • MusicTherapies< /strong>

One of the most popular psychological treatments for depression is music therapy. The limbic system of the brain and the reticular structure of the brain stem play a major role in regulating the functions of the human body and internal organs, and music can directly or indirectly affect these neural structures.

  • Patient Self-Treatment

In fact, for the treatment of depression, if we find that we or the people around us have this symptom, we must diagnose it in time, and we must also have actual treatment methods. Self-treatment is a more effective treatment method.

  • Supportive psychotherapy

refers to the Reasonable use of persuasion, encouragement, sympathy, comfort, support, understanding and assurance for the patient’s psychological state can effectively eliminate the patient’s negative emotions and make them in the best psychological state for treatment, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of treatment. make a speedy recovery from the disease. (The content of experience is for reference only. If you need to solve specific problems, especially in the fields of law and medicine, it is recommended that you consult professionals in relevant fields in detail)

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