Do you know the benefits of hawthorn?

Hawthorn looks like an unremarkable fruit, but there are many ways to eat it. For example, the common rock candied haws are the practice of hawthorn, and it is often made into cakes. Hawthorn tastes sour, so do you know the benefits of hawthorn? Some people are not suitable for eating hawthorn, what are its taboos?

Benefits of hawthorn


Benefits 1. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases; Hawthorn is rich in flavonoids, which can improve everyone’s myocardial function and effectively increase blood flow in the coronary arteries. There are maslinic acid and citric acid in hawthorn. And many nutrients such as vitamins, these nutrients can improve the blood circulation speed, play a role in lowering blood pressure.

Benefits 2. Treating gynecological diseases; hawthorn is an acidic food, which can promote uterine contractions after eating, so that it can help uterine contractions and uterine contractions after giving birth. recovery. And eating hawthorn can also discharge postpartum lochia, and eating hawthorn often can prevent gynecological diseases well.

Benefits 3. Anti-aging; many people should not know that hawthorn can play an anti-aging effect. Vitamin C and flavonoids in hawthorn can remove free radicals in the body, so that It can improve the body’s immunity and resistance, and eating more hawthorn can also delay aging.

Benefits 4. Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis; the acidity in hawthorn can eliminate bruising symptoms on body parts, and can assist in the treatment of bruises and dysmenorrhea.

Benefits 5. Prevention and treatment of bronchitis; Hawthorn contains a substance of hypericin that can dilate blood vessels and relieve asthma, effectively treating the incidence of bronchitis.

Benefits 6. Antibacterial: Hawthorn can inhibit the growth and reproduction of various bacteria to a certain extent, and can effectively prevent and treat the occurrence of bacillary dysentery and enteritis.

How to eat hawthorn

Hawthorn porridge

Ingredients: hawthorn, grapes, lotus seeds, rice.


1. Wash hawthorn, raisins, red dates, lotus seeds, and rice. Soak lotus seeds in the rice for half an hour.

2. Put the rice in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil for 20 minutes and add the lotus seeds.

3. Cut the hawthorn, put it into the rice porridge, stir and continue to add the red dates and raisins.

4. Turn off the heat after 20 minutes, add sweet-scented osmanthus candy, and enjoy.

Hawthorn cake

Ingredients: hawthorn, sugar.