Do these 2 points, walking can lower blood sugar and make your exercise time more efficient

Brisk walking can speed up the metabolism of diabetic patients, lose weight, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce the dosage of drugs, and control blood sugar more smoothly.

And walking will not achieve the above effect, because ordinary walking does not make the whole body warm or breathe faster.

Therefore, diabetic friends learn to distinguish between walking and brisk walking.

Brisk walking to lower blood sugar must do the following 2 points.

1 km in 1.12 minutes

Diabetes patients need to reach a certain speed to achieve brisk walking to lower blood sugar, that is, about 120 steps per minute, and 1 km to walk in 12 minutes.

Don’t say that it is difficult to do, the speed of brisk walking is also learned, and it can be done step by step. I know a patient who has been walking briskly for 10 years. Currently, he can walk 6-7 kilometers in 1 hour. His body and blood sugar are very good.

2. Brisk walking for half an hour

Do a 5-minute walk to warm up, then increase the pace, continue walking for 30 minutes, and then walk slowly for 5 minutes to end the exercise.

The consumption of glucose and fat will take time. Continuous brisk walking for 30 minutes will ensure the effect of lowering blood sugar and weight loss.

If your body has special conditions, you can increase or decrease the exercise time as appropriate.

Tips: When walking briskly, if you have dumbbells or a water bottle in both hands, give yourself Weight-bearing, blood sugar lowering effect will be better, try it.

Although walking is more beneficial than brisk walking The effect of blood sugar will be worse, and everyone is still encouraged to increase physical activity through walking.

Attachment: 5 precautions for people with diabetes to exercise in summer< /p>

1. Drink plenty of water: It is recommended to bring a bottle of water and add water during exercise.

2. Monitor blood sugar levels: High temperatures can affect blood sugar, so testing is necessary The frequency of blood sugar, which helps diabetics to take timely measures to maintain blood sugar.

3. Prepare sugary foods: Friends who have experienced hypoglycemia , you need to keep glucose lozenges, sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit candy, etc. with you.

4. Store your medicines: Before going out, regardless of the outside temperature, Store your insulin. It can be stored in a car refrigerator or a special insulation bag for insulin to ensure the stability of the drug. If you leave the car for a long time, you need to carry the medicine with you.

5. Avoid sun exposure: You can apply sunscreen, wear sunscreen clothing, and wear goggles.

6. Reduce outdoor activity time in high temperature environment: Although diabetic patients still need to persist in summer Exercise, but try to avoid going out when it’s too hot.

Do the above 6 points, as long as the weather is not extreme, you can enjoy an active and healthy life.

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Author: Jin Wenxin, Wu Sha