Diao Yongpeng from Vascular Surgery: There are many “murderers” who block blood vessels. Pay attention to these 6 foods

What causes a blocked blood vessel? Is it because of eating too much meat? Blockage of blood vessels is not only caused by eating too much meat, but there are other things that often lead to blockage of blood vessels. Come and see. Do you know these foods?

This thing is not meat, but it is very easy to cause blood vessel blockage. This thing is called trans fatty acid or lipid. Ingesting a large amount of lipids will bring a lot of trouble to the blood vessels. The following foods contain lipids.

1Frying, sautéing, sweet and sour, etc. are rich in lipids. Such as sweet and sour pork ribs, fried chicken chops these foods.

2 Meat-filled foods. Such as pies and dumplings.

3 fried staples. Such as fritters, fritters, hemp balls and other staple foods.

4 Cheese, butter, whipped cream and desserts. Such as donuts, egg tarts and other desserts.

5Instant noodles, quick-frozen dumplings and other convenience foods.

6 salad dressings. Various dipping sauces, such as custard, sweet and spicy sauce, etc. These foods must be eaten in moderation.