Diao Yongpeng, Department of Vascular Surgery, Beijing Hospital: How to exercise for varicose veins? 3 easy ways to learn

Lower extremity varicose veins station is due to the congenital vascular wall membrane is relatively weak or maintains the same posture for a long time and rarely changes, blood accumulates in the lower limbs, and the venous valve is destroyed over time, resulting in venous pressure Too high, the disease that makes the blood vessels protrude from the skin surface, which is commonly known as earthworm legs, how can we reduce the condition of varicose veins? These three simple exercises are very reasonable and effective.

1. Massage your calf every day when you have nothing to do. Massage can help patients with varicose veins promote blood circulation in the lower legs and relieve the symptoms of varicose veins. Put your four fingers together and separate your thumbs, then push the varicose parts of the calf with your hands, repeat the massage, or massage the Yongquan acupoint on the sole of the feet with your hands, you can also very well promote the blood circulation of the lower legs and calves.

If you want to remove the varicose root, you can choose Shujingtong to repair the damaged valve, improve the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, and constrict the enlarged blood vessel, which can reasonably and effectively calm the bulge. varicose.

Second, kicking. Adopt a standing position, then put your hands on your hips or hold the railing, first kick your left leg forward, then your right leg forward, alternating about 10 times; or push your left leg up Lift, and hold the knees with your two hands. These two leg movements can reasonably and effectively promote the blood circulation of the lower extremities and calves, and avoid further deepening of varicose veins. When doing this activity, you should pay attention to the right amount and gradually improve. amount of exercise.

3. Leg swing activities. Adopt a standing position, with your legs together, and then support your body with your toes, lift your heels up and down about 10 times, and gradually improve several times with the proficiency of the movements; or let your right foot be independent first , and then lift the left foot, swing it back and forth sharply, and throw it forward and backward, which can reasonably and effectively promote the blood return of the lower limbs and calves, and relieve the pain of patients with varicose veins.

Doing the above three actions once a day in the morning and evening can help patients with varicose veins reasonably and effectively relieve pain, but if you want to make the When the little earthworm really disappears, it is also necessary to repair the venous valve as soon as possible, so as to be able to truly stay away from the varicose veins, and no longer be confused by it, so that it will never recur!