Demystifying ETC Scam Tricks

# Yaozero Zero Plan#Transportation Administration” sent a text message saying that the ETC of the vehicle is about to expire, and you need to log in to the website to update the information. You need to log in to the website to let you enter the bank card number and password. At this time, the owner should pay attention. p>

Such scams are confusing It is very sexual. The scammers create a platform that is very similar to the official website, pretend to be a regular ETC channel platform, and then attach illegal links to make it difficult for car owners to distinguish between true and false, and step by step to trick car owners into falling into the trap. , According to the police investigation found , in addition to the fake “ETC center”, scammers will also use the names of “high-speed management center” and “vehicle management center” to send text messages “fishing” to the majority of car owners to gain the trust of car owners. The text messages are varied, such as “ETC expired certification, system upgrades” , invalid activation, card deactivated, card frozen”, the purpose is to trick the victim into clicking the “phishing” link in the text message.

Currently, including Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanghai, Anhui, etc. Car owners are being scammed.

The police introduced that although these pages contain multiple sections, no matter which one the car owner clicks, the secondary page you enter must fill in all kinds of important real information. And when the liar gets the victim The three “ID number, bank card number, payment password” When the information is real, the scammer has already obtained the victim’s withdrawal information.

“But these fraudulent tricks remain the same. The most important thing is that the victim clicks the link ‘payment verification code’ and completes the verification.” The police said that all the information mentioned above, the scammers used To bind the third-party payment, and only by obtaining the verification code of the bank card associated with the victim’s ETC account, can the money be transferred out.

Keep two points in mind to stay away from ETC scams

In the name of expiry or invalidation of ETC certification, “phishing” text messages and links are sent to citizens in batches to deceive car owners into entering the bank For sensitive information such as card passwords, since ETC is generally closely related to banks, victims of this type of fraud often lack vigilance, resulting in a high incidence of this type of online fraud. The police remind you to keep the following two points in mind to effectively prevent you from being deceived.

First of all, if you receive a text message similar to the above about ETC, do not click the “phishing” link in the text message. Any text message link that requires you to fill in important information such as bank card account number, password, verification code, etc. is almost always a liar. When receiving such suspicious information, citizens must call the official phone to verify the cause, and then deal with it under official guidance.

Adhere to one principle: whoever the liar pretends to be, you should ask the real “who”.

Secondly, there is no such thing as “expiration and failure” in ETC accounts; the validity period of ETC in-vehicle equipment is 10 years, and there is no need to operate a bank account when renewing; Bank accounts.

When dealing with ETC business, citizens should go to the bank directly. If you have any questions, you can also directly call the official hotline of the bank, or go to the bank counter for processing.