Defut said tea: why is spring tea expensive? Where is it expensive?

The price of spring tea is higher than that of tea in other seasons. It’s spring now, and a slew of new teas are starting to get ready to hit the market. Today, Defut is here to tell you why spring tea is expensive and where is the price of spring tea!

Where is the expensive spring tea?

1. The most nutritious

After a winter of recuperation, the tea tree has stored a lot of rich nutrients; coupled with the continuous low temperature in the spring climate, while maintaining the tea tree with sufficient nutrients, the consumption is the least, This will make it more nutritious.

2 , Spring tea has the highest amino acid content

The content of amino acids is the decisive factor that determines the taste of tea, and these are also important substances needed by the human body; however, amino acids will be decomposed when encountering high temperature. It also decomposes quickly in sunlight.

The smell of spring is relatively low , the temperature difference between day and night is large, the decomposition rate of amino acids will be greatly reduced, and because the decomposition rate is lower than the production rate, so the amino acids in spring tea accumulate a lot. In one year tea, the most abundant and highest amino acid content is spring tea. .

3. Spring tea is the richest in vitamins

Tea is rich in vitamins, not only in high content, but also in many types; common ones such as There are vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, etc., most of the vitamins that are indispensable to the human body are stored in tea.

However, vitamins also Like amino acids, it will be destroyed when exposed to high temperature, especially vitamin C, which will be decomposed when the temperature is slightly higher, so the storage and protection of vitamins in tea is very important;

The climate in spring is low, the growth cycle is long, and the temperature in the growing environment is low. It can protect these vitamins from being destroyed, so it is guaranteed that the vitamin content in spring tea is the highest and the best protection.

4. Spring tea is in line with the human body’s needs of “spring birth and summer growth”

The ancients believed that the influence of the four seasons on life is mainly manifested in birth, growth, transformation, collection and storage. That is spring birth, summer long, autumn harvest, winter storage. What is Chunsheng? It refers to the occurrence, growth, and vitality, and is the most vigorous period of vitality in the human body throughout the year.

In terms of diet, As the yang qi rises in the spring, the metabolism of the human body begins to flourish. In addition to “saving acid and increasing sweetness to nourish the temper”, spring tea comes from nature, which itself has the vitality of the new year. It has its own upward life balance, which is conducive to the human body to spit out the old and absorb the new, and to adopt the true qi. In addition, the color, fragrance and taste of spring tea give people a pleasant feeling of stretching.

, Re-health in spring, and a year of health is guaranteed. And in this guarantee, spring tea is indispensable.

5, spring tea, Condensed aroma, long flavor

The aroma in tea is often determined by the substances inside; there are more than 700 kinds of aroma substances that have been separated from tea, including alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, vinegar, nitrogen, etc.

The content of aroma substances in tea is very low, it is easy to volatilize, and it is unstable. If it encounters sunlight or high temperature, it is easy to oxidize. Condensation, polymerization;

In the early spring, the temperature is not high, and the aroma substances are well preserved.

6 , spring tea tastes the freshest

Tea polyphenols and amino acids affect the taste of tea leaves. Spring tea contains more amino acids, and the presence of amino acids determines the fresh and mellow taste of spring tea;

Therefore, the taste of drinking spring tea is very fresh It is refreshing, and it is incomparable with other seasons of tea.

Actually, spring tea There are still many advantages, which are not listed here. In general, drinking tea, spring tea is a good choice. Of course, not all teas are created equal.

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