Dalat Banner Judicial Bureau held the launching ceremony of law firm + judicial firm to jointly build legal services

A few days ago, the Judicial Bureau of Dalat Banner, Ordos City held a launching ceremony for the pairing of law firms and judicial offices to provide legal services. There are 7 law firms and 16 judicial offices in the banner. Signed legal service cooperation agreement.

The establishment of a pairing and joint construction mechanism between law firms and judicial offices is the coordination of resources for the Dalat Banner Justice Bureau to give full play to the front-line advantages of the judicial offices and lawyers. The firm’s advantages in professional legal services, a new measure to broaden the channels of legal services to benefit the people and the people.

law firms and justice Co-construction of the law firm will rely on the judicial office to jointly build a legal service network with comprehensive coverage and interconnection between the law firm and Sumu Town, Sub-district, and Gacha Village (community). During the cooperation, both parties will provide legal advice in legal consultation, legal propaganda, people’s mediation, legal aid, etc. according to the needs of the public, enhance the public’s legal awareness, establish a correct concept of rights and obligations, promote handling affairs according to law, prevent and resolve conflicts and disputes according to law, and promote It has made positive contributions to social harmony and stability, and laid a solid foundation for the rule of law to better meet the people’s high-quality and diverse needs for legal services, and to enhance the people’s sense of gain and satisfaction with the rule of law.