Daimiao Town: Poverty alleviation households who enjoy the policy become volunteers and brave the front line of epidemic prevention

“Secretary Xie, count me in! Please don’t worry, I promise to keep the security gates of the whole village. You have always been helping me, and now I also want to help our village. I can do my best and stand guard on duty.” At the epidemic prevention and control duty meeting in Sangyuan Village, Daimiao Town, Dongping County, the voice of Zhou Liansheng, a householder enjoying poverty alleviation policies, was particularly loud.

During the epidemic prevention and control on duty, Zhou Liansheng took the initiative to ask the village cadres to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work. He hoped to do his part. Get through this difficult time with everyone. “When we are in trouble, the party and the government support us. When the country is in trouble, we also use our own way to repay the country. During the epidemic, I can’t do anything else, and I can still be on duty.” Zhou Liansheng said.

Zhou Liansheng is a household of Sangyuan Village enjoying the poverty alleviation policy. A few years ago, my son and daughter-in-law died accidentally because of fishing in the lake, leaving behind a minor grandson. After learning about the situation of the household, Daimiao Town included it as a poor household and formulated assistance policies based on the household’s policies. To provide educational subsidies such as the “Rain Dew Plan” for the grandson of Zhou Houwen, who went to school, the civil affairs department provides the household with minimum living allowances, provides orphan relief for Zhou Houwen, and provides public welfare positions for Zhou Liansheng to ensure his stable income. Poverty alleviation first supports aspirations, and the help cadres pay special attention to the psychological assistance, technical guidance and formulation of future plans for the household when visiting. After several years of help, Zhou Liansheng’s family has been stably lifted out of poverty, and Zhou Houwen has also found a job that suits him.

In recent years, Daimiao Town has carried out regular assistance and improved the system of preventing returning to poverty and causing poverty. Enrich and improve the rural revitalization system and mechanism by establishing and improving the responsibility system, supervision system, and assessment and evaluation system. Ensure that the policy is not left blank, the work is continuously shifted, the investment is not reduced, and the mechanism does not leak people, and efforts are made to prevent poverty returning, provide strong assistance, develop industries, and promote employment. Adapt measures to local conditions, seek truth from facts, do one after another, and do it year after year. On the basis of consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation, we will use more powerful measures to gather more powerful forces, and use “multiple points” to build firepower. “The village in the painting”, and take the road of “taking the test” for rural revitalization. (Correspondent: Zhao Qian)