Daily necessities chapter 125: Go to “chua” rain in summer, and share all kinds of useful and interesting raincoats.

Author: The Breeze is Quiet Into the Night

Hello everyone, I’m the Breeze of Calmness into the Night.

The weather changes rapidly in summer, and rainy days are very common. Wearing a raincoat is a very convenient and convenient choice. It can be used in fishing, hiking, camping, mountaineering, tourism, and picnics.

Raincoats generally refer to rainproof clothing made of waterproof fabrics. Waterproof fabrics suitable for raincoats include tape, tarpaulin and plastic film, etc. There are also breathable raincoats that help people to dissipate hot and humid water from the raincoat when wearing raincoats, increasing their comfort.

Usually, when we choose raincoats, we will consider the color, fabric, smell, style, workmanship, etc. Today, we will share the various types of raincoats from the three applicable scopes of adults, cars and children. Useful and interesting raincoats:

Adult raincoats:

The old umbrella brand also dabbles in raincoats.

This one is made of Oxford calendered cloth, which is tear-resistant, break-resistant, waterproof and wind-proof, safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

New material Oxford calendered cloth, with waterproof coating, strong anti-water permeability, rainwater will form water droplets on the cloth surface, Shake off with just one tap. With the addition of high-bright reflective strips, it is not only safe but also fashionable to travel at night.

The transparent brim is detachable, it is not easy to block the sight, the double placket design, windproof and rainproof, the raincoat is connected inside The stitching process is used at the seam, and the hot-melt adhesive layer coating technology is used to effectively prevent rainwater leakage.

This EVA raincoat has a waterproof coating, and the seams are treated with good airtightness, which can effectively prevent rain.

Weight only 170 grams, folded and stored, easy to carry into fishing gear bags, backpacks, etc.

The cuffs are closed to prevent rainwater from leaking in. The raincoat is made of buttons, which is easy to put on and take off, and is more resistant to pulling.

This one has the feeling of anime lines. For EAV material.

Elongated double-layered brim, detachable design, stronger wind and rain resistance, and safer if it does not block the line of sight. Double-layer chest piece design, double waterproof, can easily cope with heavy rain.

The whole body wrapping design prevents tearing and damage, and the three-dimensional cut is more durable.

Snap button design, easy to put on and take off, easy to get on and off, with comfortable leg space.

Hat + brim design, the rain does not wet the face, and travel is safer. Thickened and wear-resistant oxford fabric has the characteristics of soft hand feeling and strong drapability.

Spiral cuff design to prevent drilling wind and rain. Zipper + snap design, double-layer access control, easy to put on and take off.

High-temperature heat-sealing tape process, the inner seam pinhole is sealed to prevent rainwater from infiltrating.

Let’s put some more distinctive raincoats for your reference:

Car raincoats:

This one made in Beijing has a wider width Features such as double brim, rain-proof mirror cover, drawstring neckline, night reflective strips, high-definition transparent lampshade, precision edging, etc.

360 full-scale rain mask, which can keep out the rain without blocking the sight, and widen the double brim to block the wind and rain in a larger area.

The poncho is designed with reflective strips, with high brightness at night, so you don’t have to worry about traveling.

Made of new PVC fabrics, in line with EU standards, wear-resistant and durable, low odor more secure.

The design of the drawstring at the neckline can prevent rainwater from pouring back and effectively prevent the body from getting wet.

Electric vehicle raincoats should have obvious effects in terms of covering area, reflective strips, and tightening rain protection. Similar raincoats are attached for reference:

Children’s raincoats:

There is also a hidden bag space. . . . . .

A large schoolbag is enough, the width of the schoolbag can be increased by 10CM when the schoolbag position is opened.

Using hot pressing process, one-time molding, fine cutting, and adding a night reflective strip.

Various colors are available, lengthened transparent brim, unobstructed view in rainy days, high-definition safety.

There is still room for an enlarged schoolbag. . . . . . It can easily accommodate all kinds of schoolbags, and the schoolbag will not get wet in rainy days.

With night reflective strips, the raincoat fabric is strong and wear-resistant, elastic, stain-resistant, easy to wash, not wrinkled, and easy to care for.

Add some distinctive children’s raincoats:


In general, when you buy raincoats, in terms of color, Try to choose bright colors, such as bright red, bright yellow, blue and so on. In rainy days, especially rainy nights, it can increase the recognition.

In terms of raincoat materials, choose suitable materials, such as polyvinyl chloride/PVC, nylon plus polyvinyl chloride, waterproof and moisture-permeable cloth, Oxford cloth, EVA and other raincoat fabrics have their own advantages and disadvantages, and can be Purchase according to the actual situation. Try not to use recycled materials; also pay attention to smell, style and workmanship.

In the daily maintenance of raincoats, depending on the material, there are also points to pay attention to:

Tape raincoats: tape raincoats cannot be rubbed by hand, and cannot be placed in the sun Under the sun exposure, can not be placed on the fire to burn, can not be washed with relatively alkaline soap, to prevent the raincoat from aging or becoming brittle. Can not be put together with oil.

Raincloth raincoats: Raincloth raincoats are not suitable for frequent washing. If you wash it frequently, it is very likely that the waterproof performance of the raincoat will be reduced. If you are going to put away the raincoat, let it dry completely before folding it. This is to prevent the chemical reaction of the fat and wax substances in the raincoat due to moisture, which will cause the raincoat to become mildewed.

Plastic film raincoat: can not be placed in the sun, let alone baked on the fire. Plastic film raincoats cannot be sewn with needles and threads. Otherwise, it is very likely that there will be larger holes in the raincoat.

I wish you all to choose a good-looking, useful and fun raincoat, and enjoy the “chua” rain in summer. Do you have any useful raincoats, remember to leave a message in the comment area.