“Cultural Fragrance, Travel in Jiangsu” Lecture Successfully Held in Singapore

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China News, July 25th, hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, co-organized by Jiangsu Tourism (Singapore) Promotion Center, Singapore Chinese Cultural Center , the China Tourism Office in Singapore and the Singapore Jiangsu Association fully support the “Cultural Fragrance, Traveling in Jiangsu” lecture, which was recently held at the 4th Floor Theater of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Center.

Singapore China Cultural Centre and Director of China Tourism Office in Singapore Xiao Jianghua (middle), Assistant Director of Singapore Tourism Board (International Division) Chen Huimin (6th from right), and Qin Yongzhong (5th from right), Head of Jiangsu Tourism (Singapore) Promotion Center and General Manager of Chang Parade Media Pte Ltd (right 5), took a group photo with the guests.

Li Chuan, Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, participated in this event through the connection, Chen Huimin, Assistant Director (International Division) of the Singapore Tourism Board, and Xiao Xiao, Director of the China Cultural Center and China Tourism Office in Singapore Jiang Hua, Shen Liguo, the director of the Jiangsu Economic and Trade Representative Office in Singapore, and more than 200 spectators from Singapore’s cultural and art circles, tourism, business circles, associations, news media and the general public attended the event.

The lecture led everyone to follow the literary masterpieces and the perspective of writers, travel in Jiangsu with the fragrance of books, tea and wine, appreciate the spirit of water and taste the beauty of humanities; Online, introduce the latest local tourist attractions, and through the actual tour guide, let the audience feel the travel interest in Nanjing even if they do not go abroad.

Li Chuan, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, delivered a video speech, saying that since Jiangsu Province and Singapore jointly established the Suzhou Industrial Park in 1994, it has laid a solid foundation for the Sino-Suzhou friendship. . Even if the two places have been affected by the epidemic in the past two years, tourism between the two places has not been prevented, and the friendship and exchanges between the two places have not been hindered. As a major province of literature, Jiangsu has a profound cultural heritage. In recent years, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jiangsu Province has continuously promoted the integration and development of cultural and tourism resources, and has created a number of excellent cultural works and high-quality tourism products that reflect the characteristics of Jiangsu. Meet Singaporeans in person Experience in Jiangsu.

Singaporeans lined up to register for the lecture.

In his speech, Xiao Jianghua, Director of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and China Tourism Office in Singapore, also mentioned other good examples of close exchanges and cooperation between China and Singapore – held at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre in 2019 The year of Jiangsu Culture and Tourism has injected new impetus into the people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and Singapore. In the same year, the Jiangsu Association of Singapore held the “Jiangsu Cycling Event”, which led more than 30 friends from Singapore to Jiangsu. He said that Jiangsu is a very important province in eastern China, and the lecture showed the hidden charm of Jiangsu from a unique perspective, which can be used as a foundation for future travel to Jiangsu.

The lecture is divided into four parts: literature, tea aroma, wine aroma and Jiangsu Nanjing new way of playing. The well-known Singapore ensemble “Echo • Wind and Percussion Troupe” kicked off the show and brought music with strong traditional Chinese characteristics to the audience. Afterwards, Li Yeming, the editor-in-chief of Nanyang.com, led the audience to learn from the perspectives of poetry, poetry, four famous works, famous writers and film and television. Jiangsu; then Bai Jinhuo, the head of Baixinchun Tea House, a century-old tea house, shared with the audience the knowledge of Biluochun, the first tea in Jiangsu from Dongting Mountain in Suzhou. As for the wine aroma, Jiangsu Yanghe wine is used to draw out the beautiful scenery of Suqian. The lecture focused on introducing Jinling Town, one of the most popular Internet celebrity attractions in Nanjing today, and led the audience to appreciate this small town located in Niushou Mountain, which integrates culture, leisure, tourism and vacation with a video. In addition, the host also connected with senior tourism operators in Nanjing, and led the audience to walk around the Confucius Temple and the Qinhuai River, taste Jinling cuisine and experience the fun of traveling in Nanjing.

The exquisite pictures of 13 cities in Jiangsu attract people to stop and appreciate.

The lectures in the theater are rich and exciting, and the front hall outside the theater is also very eye-catching. In addition to the pictures of 13 cities in Jiangsu, the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou is specially designed as a punch-in area, attracting many audiences before and after admission. They took pictures and punched in one after another; in addition, the audience also responded enthusiastically to Jiangsu’s promotional materials, and the well-designed Jiangsu cultural and creative bags became the “darling” of the audience. Many attendees expressed their expectation that after China further eases entry restrictions, travel between China and Singapore can resume as soon as possible, and they can experience it in Jiangsu in person.