Cross-country through Banna, feel the style of “Little Southeast Asia”, and appreciate the deep charm of tropical rainforest

Xishuangbanna is a wonderful travel destination all year round, and the style here is different from any city in China

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The “exotic style” is rich, it is connected with the mountains and rivers of Laos and Myanmar, and it is close to Thailand, where the Han nationality is the “minority”; the pagodas in the whole city, take a photo and cross Southeast Asia;< /p>

Top 1 wild feeling in domestic cities, go to Wild Elephant Valley to meet Asian elephants, Traveling through the tropical rainforest…and in summer, the sky is full of fireflies, which is extremely romantic. It is also one of the best family vacation spots in the country.

The streets and alleys are the food paradise. All kinds of hot and sour, wild vegetable barbecue, water dipping and barbecue techniques never seen before, are still wonderful after several visits. Night markets are richer than cities.

But friends who have been there know:

Banna is so big that I can’t play it all at once, so we have to choose according to the season;

It’s too much fun, no one to lead the way may waste a lot of time on strategy and finding the way;

< p>There are also many routes in Xishuangbanna on the market, but most of them stay in the way of walking around the scenic spots, which is not deep enough to reflect the local culture and original ecology.

So Xiaobian prepared 8 days and 7 nights for my friends The off-road Banna crossing, I want to take you to appreciate the deep flavor of the tropical rainforest.


Feel the “small domestic Southeast Asia” style

Whether you are traveling with your children or traveling with friends and family, you can take this route because it is enough Wonderful:

Minor places, niche experiences, feel the original Xishuangbanna Ecology, humanities and customs

Go to the tropical rain forest to cross Jingmai Mountain, which is mixed with tea forests, visit ethnic minorities, experience tea picking and tea making, and let the dense tea fragrance drive away the inner impetuosity.


Playing Kaxishuangbanna Highlights< /p>

Roaming Wild Elephant Valley

This is a wild paradise in China where there is a very high chance of seeing wild elephants, and it is also a warm wild animal rescue station.

Hike the rainforest and follow the plank road to watch wild elephants all the way down , experience the rainforest herding elephants, and follow the elephant dad into the rainforest. In the last habitat of Asian elephants in China, intuitively understand the living conditions of Asian elephants.

Zhuang Dianyin Daidi Party

When you come to Xishuangbanna, you must not miss the famous Gaozhuang Night Market. Instead of visiting Xingguang Night Market, we prepared an electronic Daidi party.

There are live Daidi and Six Nations costume shows here… Take you to experience the beauty of the combination of traditional water splashing and Chaolou electronic music of the Dai people in Xishuangbanna.


Play in the Rainforest Wonderland

Travel through the rainforest and experience the rainforest meal

Some people say that going through the rainforest in Banna, you can see the most real earth Friends who love nature will definitely fall in love with it. During the trekking process, you need to climb branches, wading, drilling holes…you will see rare trees in tropical rain forests.

Let’s pick wild vegetables and catch river fish together, explain the food culture of the rainforest, introduce you to the strange wild vegetables in the rainforest, and try the unique Rainforest ethnic cooking techniques, such as roasting, pounding, roasting, salad, etc.

Jingmai Mountain picks tea to make tea

Xishuangbanna not only has tropical rain forests, but also almost unspoiled tea forests—— Jingmai Mountain also has a unique ecosystem of mixed tropical rain forests and tea forests.

There is a cultivated tea tree over 800 years old in Jingmai Mountain Wang, the tea content is still very high, reaching 30%. This is an important raw material producing area for high-quality Pu’er tea, and there are dozens of ethnic minority natural villages large and small in the mountains.

We specially planned a tea-picking experience tour, Go up the mountain to pick wild ancient tea tree leaves, stir-fry tea, press a tea cake, make a cup of Pu’er, and at the same time learn about the stories and cultures of the ethnic minorities in the village, which is very interesting.

This is a place of pilgrimage for many tea lovers. Here you can also taste the local charcoal barbecue with ethnic characteristics, and of course, seasonal fruits are prepared.

Are you looking forward to it?

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Detailed road book

D1 Jinghong all-day gathering day

Today, friends from all over the world gathered in the only oasis at 21° north latitude, known as “animals and plants” The “Kingdom” of Xishuangbanna, after settling in, you can go to Gaozhuang Xishuangjing, the holy place for Internet celebrities to punch in the portrait, the most beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda General Buddhist Temple in Banna, the most Southeast Asian-style Xingguang Night Market, Ganpai Street Night Market, Liuguo Floating Market, etc. There are three connected night markets, where you can taste the most authentic Dai food and a wide variety of tropical fruits, and the charming night view of the Mekong River is not to be missed.

D2 Jinghong – Wanmu Tea Garden – Coffee Manor

Wake up early and head to Wanmu Tea Garden. Ups and downs, nodding with the wind, welcoming guests with a smile, a tree of cherry blossoms adorning it, flowers blooming, clusters like stars – the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers and tea. Famous for its wonderful aroma.

A beautiful manor full of coffee aroma, from “seed” to “cup”, learning coffee drying, tasting and learning a series of coffee making process.

Evening Start a delicious BBQ. Raise your glass under the stars.

D3 Camping-Nakori Tea Horse Road-Lahu Old Dabao-Jingmai Mountains

For thousands of years, the ancient tea-horse road is like a jar of old wine that grows more fragrant with age. Among the tea-horse stations on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, Nakeli, as an important station on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road in ancient Pu’er Prefecture, has to be mentioned.

Dabao Village has beautiful natural scenery and good ecology. The traditional railings of the Lahu people in the village are well preserved and have strong Lahu characteristics. It is the best preserved place for the traditional culture of the Lahu people. The Lahu people are ancient Chinese One of the ethnic groups, there are hundreds of songs created and sung by the villagers themselves.

Arrived before evening, the most well-preserved ancient village of the Bulang ethnic group, “Millennium Wengji Ancient Village”, brewed a pot of Pu’er tea in the yard, burned incense, read, even if it was just a tea tree, through the mottled light and shadow of the ancient tea trees. In a daze, time will slow down.

D4 Jingmai Mountain – Wengji Old Village – Nuogan Ancient Village – Mangjing Ancient Village – Menghai

Jingmai Mountain has a fascinating style, with a thousand-year-long lingering tea fragrance, and more extreme beauty. Walking in the ancient village, you will really feel the vicissitudes of the years and the historical accumulation. The small roads in the village are either along the houses, or by the mountains and rivers, criss-crossing, the original customs and the well-preserved traditional resources are hidden in the world.

After lunch, go to the “Mangjing Ancient Village” in addition to the original beauty and the Tea Soul Terrace. There are only three places in Yunnan for such an ancient sacrificial place, and Mangjing is one of them.

D5 Menghai – Buggy Rainforest Crossing – Camping

Starting rainforest crossing today, in the dense tropical rainforest, even the most powerful vehicles can’t rampage. People and vehicles often need to rely on the most traditional off-road skills to meet the challenges. Rainforest crossing is more like a return to the original wild. conquer.

In the evening, open the delicious and delicious rainforest BBQ. Sitting in the sky, toasting and drinking.

D6 Camping-Prime Forest Hiking-Meng Lun

After getting up in the morning, I saw that all the plants in the morning dew did their best to absorb the essence of nature and dress up; flowers or exotic plants were all in sight.

After that, you will walk into the virgin rainforest, enter the rainforest, and your eyes and body will enter another world. The mystery in the rainforest lies under the dense trees, and the unknown scene can only be entered into the rainforest in person. Only by experiencing it can you discover the beauty in the rainforest, and throwing yourself into the most primitive environment is the most primitive return of life!

D7 Menglun – Zhongke Botanical Garden – Prajna Temple – Jinghong

Every plant here in the Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has its own story. In the turbulent time, they either slowly age and are forgotten by time, or they evolve against the current to become more invincible. Receive the baptism of nature in the oxygen bar.

The pure white pagoda is solemn and sacred on the hillside, and it is particularly peaceful against the blue sky and white clouds. no hereThe hustle and bustle of tourists gives a panoramic view of the entire Jinghong City.

D8 Jinghong

Today, small The partners are about to say goodbye to each other and look forward to the next trip with you!

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