Constipation, flatulence, repeated diarrhea? How to nourish the spleen and stomach is the key

The spleen is the foundation of acquired, the source of qi and blood biochemistry, the stomach is Taicang, the sea of ​​qi and blood. There is a saying: a bad spleen and stomach will lead to all kinds of diseases! The strength of spleen function is directly related to the rise and fall of human life. If the function of the spleen and stomach is good, then the qi and blood will be prosperous, and the physique will be strong; if the spleen and stomach are weak, there will be many diseases! The spleen and stomach are the foundation of health, and everyone needs to take care of them. How should the spleen and stomach be nourished and treated?

Professor Yu Yun, the master of medicine and Taoism, has a unique approach to the treatment of the spleen and stomach! Through this training camp, we have collected Yu Lao’s 60 years of clinical treatment of spleen and stomach diseases with special acupoints and prescriptions, and comprehensively sorted out.