Comparison test of 60 children’s masks! These children’s masks are substandard

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So many kinds of masks, how to choose for children?

A few days ago, the Consumers Association of Heilongjiang Province compared 60 types of children’s masks on the market test. This comparative test sample: 60 types of children’s masks, including 31 flat masks, 15 willow-shaped masks, and 14 3D three-dimensional masks; the unit price ranges from 0.26 yuan/piece to 4.49 yuan/piece.

The 60 models of children’s masks purchased in this comparison test.

Comparing the test results, 13 children’s masks including “Kefu” did not meet the standard , involving:

Nominal Corfu medical surgical masks (production batch number: PC2109008)

Nominal manufactured by Dongyang Xinluer Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Disposable children’s masks (non-medical)

Nominal Zhangjiagang Likang protective equipment is limited The Korean version of the KF94 mask (children’s model) produced by the company

nominal GULIBEAR once Sexual 3D Protective Mask (Non-Medical)

Nominal Corfu Medical Surgical Mask (production batch number: PC2107007)

disposable with the nominal name of Youhekang Use medical masks

Medical protective masks with the name Huizhi·Yiren< /span>

Nominal Digumi/Reangel Children’s Hygiene Mask (W) Disposable Children’s Masks

Children’s 3D Protective Masks Nominal Gladstone

Children’s butterfly KN95 mask named AIKANGNI

Daily care non-woven mask (non-medical) with nominal EPSHOME Yipin


Non-woven masks for daily care with nominal EPSHOME/Yiping (non-medical )

Nominal Yiwu GreenDisposable three-dimensional masks/disposable masks (non-medical) produced by En Mask Co., Ltd.

Does not meet the stated product standard requirements sample information

Data source: Heilongjiang Consumers Association

“Yipin” and other three sample standards are not applicable

There are 3 samples whose standard is GB/T32610-2016 “Technical Specifications for Daily Protective Masks” “, and the standard clearly stipulates that it does not apply to infants and children’s respiratory protective equipment.

The daily care non-woven mask with the nominal EPSHOME product (non- Medical)

Nominal EPSHOME/Yipin daily care non-woven fabric Masks (non-medical)

Produced by Yiwu Luen Mask Co., Ltd. Disposable three-dimensional mask/disposable mask (non-medical)

nominal Children’s mask products whose product standard is GB/T32610-2016

Data source: Consumers in Heilongjiang Province Association

3 samples with poor protection performance

In terms of protection performance, among the 60 samples, 3 samples have been comprehensively evaluated and their protection performance is poor.

Information of 3 samples with poor protection performance p>

“Digu Mi Reangel” and other 2 models with excessive pH value

60 samples did not detect formaldehyde, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, migratory optical brighteners and ethylene oxide ; The microbial indicators meet the requirements of relevant standards.

GB/T 3880-2020 “Children’s Mask Technical Specifications” requires children’s masks The pH value should be between 4.0 and 7.5. There are 2 samples whose pH value exceeds this range, so it is not recommended for children to wear it. The nominal product involves “Digu Mi Reangel”:

The pH value does not meet the requirements 2 sample information required by the standard

“Corfu” and other 4 models with poor durability

In the durability test, 4 samples did not meet the express standard requirements. When the tensile force did not meet the standard requirements, the connection between the mask strap and the mask body would break, and there was a certain risk. Nominal product Involving “Youhekang” and “Kefu”:

Mask straps and masks Information on 4 samples whose breaking strength at the body joint does not meet the standard requirements

Heilongjiang Consumers Association Remind consumers:

Children’s masks should be purchased on regular platforms. Avoid Purchase from roadside stalls or micro-businesses without sales qualifications.

Products The name does not allow consumers to directly and effectively distinguish the product type. They should focus on the product standards indicated on the mask packaging, and select masks that meet the requirements of the standard technical indicators in the corresponding usage scenarios; it depends on the appearance and material selection.

Pay attention to also check the appearance type of children’s masks, because in the meltblown cloth When the raw materials are the same, the better the fit between the mask and the face, the better the protection effect. The fit between the three-dimensional mask and the face is better than that of the flat mask, and the sealing performance of the headband is better than that of the earband product.

Select masks for children to ensure the comfort of the masks. When purchasing, you can touch the mask, if you can feel it has sharp tips and sharp edges edge, then the mask is unqualified.

▎Source: China Consumer News WeChat account, Yunshengjing