Come with me and enjoy the joy of making a hand account

There are many children’s parents who may think that doing handbooks will not study hard, and doing these things is a waste of time. Actuallyah, is not like this , The account is really wrong, it< span>But a serious little hobby that is beneficial to everyone, Everyone will arrange the time reasonably it is okay! candodo< /span>TravelRecordalsoCanto writestudy notesHelpscomb. andBeing a hand account also pulls up my aesthetics by the way< span>Isn’t a hobby so valuable enough to make people like it~

Some people think that keeping accounts is just like writing a diary, why are there so many people < span>All like to do handbooks! Haha, of course they are also different! The diary is the kind of text that is more casual, and the layout is boring. >Concise, clear, Beautiful layout.

whether it ispainting< span>Painting, stationery‘s selection, or How to typesetting, the purpose of the handbook is notisIt must be expensive and time-consuming, and hand accountsthe mostimportant selfrecorded content, span>You can clearly see what you have done, and if you turn it over occasionally, you can also recall the good times at that time< /span>. You don’t have to buy hand account tape and stickers. You can also draw and paint, and the effect is very good.~

It’s time to hand over! ! !

About growing tall and tall, my mother is heartbroken, so let’s make a hand account about chasing tall today

The first step in making an account is to think about the topic to be done today, otherwise you will write blindly~< /span>

The second step is to match the picture, choose the pattern that matches the text, so that it can better express the effect you want~

The third step is to write the summed up text in it

In addition to genetic factors, exercise, diet and sleep are also very important to grow taller. The diet should be supplemented with some protein, vegetables must be eaten, not picky eaters, but also scientifically supplemented with calcium, the most important thing. It’s children who must not stay up late~ go to bed early~ Of course,When you are tired of studying, you can go skipping rope, do some somatosensory games, and arrange some exercises reasonably.

Haha, a hand account about chasing high Done, I hope today’s content can be solved becausedo< span>You who are depressed about the handbookoh~ After all, the handbook is always shining hobbies, enjoydothis‘s process is span>The most important thing~