Color embryos do not enter! Girls’ panties are always wet and dirty, is there something wrong with me?

especially in summer Suddenly and silently, the only good thing is that compared to menstruation, it still saves face.

Faced with this situation, many saccharins have reported their at a loss in the background. Uncomfortable private parts affect the good mood of the day, and they feel uncomfortable when they put on a pad. After a long time, I even felt a little worried: “Do I have a gynecological disease?

< span>The secretion on the underwear can be said to be a barometer of the female reproductive system, but what is the matter with the underwear that is easy to get wet? In this issue, we invite Dr. Shao to talk about girls’ underwear .


What is the unknown discharge on girls’ panties?

Don’t panic when you find that your panties are wet, because some wet secretions on healthy girls’ panties are the system< /span>Destroy the remains of bacteria and viruses! Collectively: leucorrhea. Female secretion is the fluid secreted by vaginal epithelium, cervical mucus, endometrium, fallopian tube The shed cells consist of changes that follow the menstrual cycle.

Follicular Phase:When the menstrual period is clean, the secretions are relatively small, and as the estrogen increases, the secretions gradually start At this time, the color of the secretions is milky white or the color is clearer, and there is basically no odor. The closer to the ovulation period, the more secretions, and the color gradually changes to transparent. Ovulation:The secretion increases, the color is transparent, or egg white, and the drawing is particularly good. luteal phase:Due to the action of progesterone, the discharge begins to thicken and turn yellow in color. Discharge from more to less, until the menstrual cramps.

In each of the above cycles, the secretions generally have no special odor. If you insist on having a “peculiar smell”, it may be a little bit fishy or slightly sour, and it does not have any special smell. It will be accompanied by genital itching and other special odors.

Pregnancy: Because of special The content of progesterone is higher than that of the non-pregnant menstrual cycle, so the amount of secretions throughout pregnancy has been more, and the color is milky white. There are often patients or friends, and I have to say, doctor, I sometimes have a lot of leucorrhea.

This is akin to asking: Why is it sometimes so cold and sometimes so hot throughout the year? So after understanding the periodic changes of leucorrhea, combined with the menstrual cycle, analyze whether there is any abnormality in leucorrhea.


Which Is the secretion a warning that the body is abnormal?

After we learn about normal secretions, we have to identify what is abnormal secretions, so that we can seek medical treatment in time. Don’t carry it hard because of embarrassment. Cases of acute pelvic inflammatory disease caused by “anti-“:

a girl in a girl Abdominal pain recurred several times within a month, but was admitted to hospital for examination and treatment until the abdominal pain could not be relieved and the high fever persisted. After conservative treatment with antibiotics was ineffective, emergency laparoscopy was performed. It was found that the entire pelvic and abdominal cavity of this girl was covered with pus, that is, pus coating. At this stage, it is believed that this patient may have abnormal secretions. span>Because of negligence and failing to seek medical treatment in time, it has led to such a serious pelvic inflammatory disease, so girls can only take better care of themselves by learning more about popular science. So when panty secretions appear to show up, pay attention! 1. Tofu-like leucorrhea: mainly see Vaginitis, the secretion is bean curd-like or curd-like, white and thick, with a slight odor, severe itching of the vulva, and sometimes scratches on the vulva. Tofu-like leucorrhea, basically once seen, will never be forgotten, so patients with recurrent fungal vaginitis can easily identify it by themselves. Recurring fungal vaginitis can be associated with diabetes and decreased resistance (such as immune system diseases), and it also occurs in pregnant women. strong >It is more common in Trichomonas vaginitis, which manifests as an increase in thin yellow water foamy vaginal secretions, with a foul smell, combined with genital itching, and Trichomonas vaginalis can also swallow sperm, leading to infertility. 3. Gray-white homogeneous secretion: more common in bacterial vaginosis, a type of vaginal bacteria Cluster disorders lead to diseases, manifested as increased vaginal secretions, paste or transparent viscous leucorrhea, accompanied by fishy odor, genital itching, bacterial vagina can coexist with fungal vaginitis or trichomonas vaginitis. 4. Purulent secretion: is bacterial infection, which can be seen in acute vaginitis, acute cervicitis or acute Pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer or vaginal cancer complicated by infection, often accompanied by fever, purulent secretions or with a small amount of bloodshot, genital itching, lower abdomen may have varying degrees of pain. Or accompanied by urinary tract infections, such as urinary tract irritation such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria. 5. Bloody secretions: Vaginal secretions are mixed with blood, how much It can be caused by benign cervical polyps and uterine submucosal fibroids, or it can be caused by malignant tumors such as cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. May also be seen at intervals. 6. Watery secretions: a large amount, continuous, pale milky white, also known as swill, odd Smelly, more common in cervical adenocarcinoma, advanced cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, or submucosal fibroids with infection, if it is intermittent discharge of clear, yellow-red fluid, it is possible to consider fallopian tube cancer. 7. Abnormal bleeding: The medical term abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) refers to the normal parameters that do not meet the four elements of the menstrual cycle (ie, the frequency, regularity, long-term menstruation, and menstrual volume) of the menstrual cycle, and bleeding from the uterine cavity. Abnormal uterine bleeding, the above-mentioned bloody discharge can also be defined as abnormal uterine bleeding in a broad sense. Abnormal uterine bleeding covers a wide range of areas.It can be divided into 9 major categories according to its etiology Class (PALM-COEIN):

P: In utero Membranous Polyps

A: Adenomyosis

L: Uterine Leiomyomas

< span>M: Endometrial Malignancy or Dysplasia

C: Systemic coagulation disorders related diseases

O: < /span>AUB due to ovulation disorders

E: Local abnormality of endometrium

I: AUB caused by iatrogenic

N: Uncategorized AUB< /p>The core of abnormal uterine bleeding is to make a clear diagnosis and symptomatic treatment, and a clear diagnosis requires a detailed medical history, physical examination, auxiliary examination, etc., so this kind of professional matter can be left to the doctor.


strong data-brushtype=”text”>Do I need to buy antibacterial underwear to be “clean”?

Antibacterial panties? It is possible but not necessary. The secretions on the panties are often regarded as a barometer of the female reproductive system, but in many cases, girls are over-judged by the “discretion”, or are subject to businessmen’s criticism. Bad induction is always the “secretion” caused by the lack of proper cleaning. This is why more and more products about girls’ private parts appear on the market .

Search in Xiaohongshu#femaleprivate care#topic, there are more than 6000 With 10,000 page views, Taobao searched for “women’s private parts care”, and found that there are more than ten products with monthly sales reaching 10,000+.

In the face of the situation that underwear is always “unclean”, the category of antibacterial underwear also came into being. While some modified fibers add different proteins such as soy, milk, wool and silk fibroin, the material can provideDifferent skin feel and breathability are favored by many women. but in the absence of empirical evidence,strong It is difficult for readers to judge whether the actual antibacterial level of each antibacterial underwear can achieve the claimed effect, so such products are not recommended here.

More importantly, antibacterial is not the core element of choosing underwear, it is comfortable and breathable to wear. Colored underwear should be the first choice in our daily life. Also,keep changing panties every day,sufficient Washing and drying (drying) is enough for our basic needs. Under a high-power microscope

Unclean underwear and mold growth process p> As for the underwear-specific lotion in the antibacterial CP, it is different from ordinary laundry detergents. The formula of this underwear-specific lotion in the picture is relatively mild. If you choose to hand wash your underwear, you can indeed use this type of gentle cleanserfor the protection of your hands span>. Of course, mildness will also be accompanied by the possibility of weak cleaning power. It needs to be rubbed and rubbed more when washing . If it is machine washable, there is no need to use it.

So instead of buying those cleaners and panties that claim to be “special” , when conditions permit, using a clean washing machinehigh temperature mode cleaning + drying/full drying is the best choice for sterilization. In fact, it is normal for panties to get dirty and yellow. The cleaning habits of the underwear will easily breed bacteria. For girls, the protein components in secretions are a breeding ground for bacteria, and they are more likely to be infected with gynecological inflammation; Boys are more likely to be infected with andrological diseases.

Source pexels

p>So both boys and girls, in order to ensure our health, we must wash and change our underwear frequently. It is best to wash once a day to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Change the underwear you wear every three months and change the underwear you don’t wear every six months.Don’t feel sorry for some yellow underwear even if you haven’t worn it much,When it’s time to throw it. Finally, I hope girls can think about the hygiene of private parts rationally, no Too anxious, just maintain good hygiene habits every day~Planning: Wild Horse Producer: Phyllis Editor in charge: Dr. Shao Typesetting: Xiong Zai Reviewer: YanAntang Research InstituteThis article was originally created by YanAntang content team, and some pictures are from the Internetsupport Original, plagiarism is shameful, please contact for reprint

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