Collective summary of many academicians and famous doctors: 10 iron laws for not getting sick! Very rare

Those who like health care know that in order not to get sick, they need a balanced diet, exercise, and a good mood, but very few people can really do this.

When it is difficult for us to stick to good habits, if we want to avoid getting sick, we must stop doing things that harm our health! Today, I would like to share with you some experience summaries of “not getting sick”, including the health secrets of famous doctors.

If you want to avoid getting sick, remember this“No 10 Iron Laws of Being Sick” !

Article 1

don’t get angry

“you don’t get sick if you don’t get angry”, This is a summary of the decades of experience in medicine by Professor Hao Wanshan of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How high is the incidence of diseases caused by anger? The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta found that 90% of illnesses are related to mental stress.

Professor Hao Wanshan said: “You are very optimistic. People, complaining everywhere, and everything is not pleasing to the eye. Complaining is a negative emotion.” “As long as we control our emotions well, we can not Serious illness, little illness, and late illness.”

As the saying goes, sickness arises from the heart, and evil arises from the heart. If you don’t get angry, you won’t get sick, and if you get sick less, you won’t die early.

Second ArticleDon’t worry too much

  • The child has passed 30, what should I do if there is no object?

  • My son has not been here for two months, has he lost his business?

  • It’s cold, I wonder if my daughter is wearing a sweater?

< span>Some middle-aged and elderly friends don’t worry about themselves much, but they always worry about their children, and even have a lot of nervousness and anxiety. The gastrointestinal tract can sense our stress and emotional changes, and long-term negative emotions can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction. Many worrying people will find that abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort and changes in bowel habits are always present.

If You feel that there are a lot of things to worry about recently, and you always feel like you want to control your child, so you need to reflect on it. It may be that it has been empty recently. At this point, it’s best to shift the worry, find a hobby, even if it’s a new one Vegetables, fill in the empty feeling, and you won’t feel very worried.

p>Article 4

not true >

He Yumin, a professor at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mentioned that 20 or 30 years of clinical practice made him notice a Phenomenon: Relatively speaking, there are a group of people in the city who are particularly prone to cancer—women who work in finance, accounting, auditing, personnel, statistics, etc., as well as primary and secondary school teachers.

These jobs require a very serious work attitude and make no mistakes. This has led them to develop a habit of being meticulous, cautious, and even perfectionistic. Therefore, the strings of the nervous system are always taut, the endocrine system will be disturbed, the target organs will not be able to bear it, and cancer will come.

The pursuit of perfection is a good thing, but excessive pursuit is sometimes absolutely not good for health things, especially those who are a bit clean and pay attention to details to the extreme.

To be healthy, you have to be confused. To live longer, it has to be simple. If you want to be happy, you have to be casual.

Article 5Not overly sad

According to Liaoning Daily, American researchers have found that excessive sadness may damage the heart and cause heart attack-like symptoms, including chest tightness and shortness of breath, known as “broken heart syndrome.” In addition, similar studies in the United Kingdom have confirmed that emotional changes or excessive psychological pressure, such as losing a loved one, can cause people to “break heart” and die.

Therefore, learn to talk when sadness arises. Find friends and family to chat, don’t keep it in your heart. Those who appear to be in control of their emotions on the surface actually allow the emotional waste to be transferred into the body, putting pressure on the internal organs. You can also vent through appropriate channels, such as fitness exercises.

Article 6Don’t stay up late

Shanghai Xu Liang, the chief physician of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that staying up late has become a common phenomenon in modern life. It is not correct to think that it is enough to supplement during the day after staying up late.

For people who stay up late for a long time, the skin damage will be very serious. The best time is at night. Going to bed late will increase the burden on the skin and cause a series of skin problems, such as dull complexion and acne. Those who stay up late like to eat supper. Eating at night makes it difficult to fall asleep, and also loses appetite during the day, resulting in unbalanced nutrition and obesity. As a result, diseases abound.

Research believes that the normal sleep time is from 9-10 pm to 5-6 am, and sleep 7-8 hours a night. Generally not less than 5-6 hours. Only in this way can we respect the law of yin and yang in the natural world and conform to the laws of human physiology.

Article 7Don’t mess around

Fudan female doctor Yu Juan, who died of cancer a few years ago, once analyzed the reasons for her cancer, one of which was bad eating habits: eating blindly, overeating, addicted to meat Like life.

Yu Juan wrote in her blog that I am a person who never refuses to try early adopters at the dinner table. For many objective reasons, I have eaten a lot of things that should not be eaten. There are incomplete statistics, including peacocks, seagulls, whales, puffer fish, bears, golden pheasants, wild boars, five-step snakes, and so on. However, I have to deeply reflect, these things should not be eaten.

We have to believe in the wisdom of our wise ancestors for thousands of years, they have screened for a long time, far longer than us Countless times of life time, we finally lock in our current ingredients and support them.. If peacocks are better than chickens, then now chickens are peacocks and peacocks are chickens.

Item 8Do not overdraw yourself

A person who works hard at work , the string of life is always tightly stretched, it is easy to overdraw oneself, which can easily lead to the human body’s endocrine and autonomic nervous systems are often in a disordered state, and the body will naturally not recover.

The human body has a service life. Those who can maintain it will live longer, and waste their healthy body at will to live a shorter life. Limited overtime, unlimited play.

Article 10As the saying goes:

Life is only 30,000 days,

>Success and failure are calm,

I don’t care if it’s right or wrong,

Health and happiness are the most valuable.

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