Clinics should be fully open! Routine medical services in Shanghai’s top three hospitals resume one after another

“I am very lucky to have received a liver transplant during the epidemic.” At 10 pm on April 27, after more than 5 hours of liver transplant, the patient Ms. Yao returned to the liver surgery safely. In the intensive care unit, this is the 8th liver transplant operation completed by Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University since April.

With the decline in the number of new positive infections in Shanghai, some districts have achieved social clearance, and the general public’s demand for medical treatment has gradually been released. Yesterday, the reporter learned from a number of tertiary hospitals that under the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, the hospitals are gradually resuming routine medical services such as general outpatient clinics and surgeries.

During the epidemic, Zhongshan Hospital’s outpatient, emergency, surgery and other medical treatment work has never been Photo provided by the suspending hospital (the same below)

Zhongshan Hospital:

The maximum number of operations in a single day exceeds 110

In the early morning of April 26th, in front of the emergency department of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, 120 ambulances brought a 68-year-old male patient from the closed community. He had severe chest pain 2 hours earlier. The nurses in the rescue class quickly opened a “life channel” for the patients. In less than 1 minute, the patient has been placed in the emergency buffer zone with isolation measures. While the doctors and nurses prepared antigens and emergency nucleic acids for him, they quickly carried out the diagnosis and treatment of chest pain. Open the patient’s occluded blood vessel. Less than half an hour after 120 arrived, the patient was sent to the cardiac catheterization laboratory for interventional treatment.

Zhongshan Hospital President Fan Jia introduced that during the epidemic, Zhongshan Hospital’s outpatient and emergency treatment, surgery and other medical treatment work never stopped. The hospital’s highest number of surgeries in a single day in April exceeded 110, and the peak number of outpatient clinics in a single day exceeded 10,000. Both general outpatient clinics and general specialist outpatient clinics have been carried out normally. The emergency department of Zhongshan Hospital has always been open and has maintained a high level of operation. In the past two months, the number of emergency department admissions in a single day has exceeded 1,000, an increase of 42.85% compared with normal days; ambulance admissions have exceeded 100 multiple times in a single day, an increase of 68.33 compared with weekdays. %. Zhongshan Hospital will fully resume all types of outpatient services after May 1, and inpatient diagnosis and treatment services will also be fully resumed next week.

Ruijin Hospital:

Over 4000 calls received on peak day

Since this round of the epidemic, 43 diagnosis and treatment subjects of Ruijin Hospital’s outpatient clinics (including Internet outpatient clinics) have always been opened normally. “Judging from the recent outpatient visits, the departments of endocrinology and hypertension are the most in demand, followed by nephrology, urology, and infectious diseases.” Li Xianhua, director of the outpatient office of Ruijin Hospital, said, “In addition to open outpatient clinics, outpatient diagnosis and treatment Services have not been stagnant. For example, the infusion treatment of bladder tumor chemotherapy in the urology department continues; the PICC nursing clinic for cancer patients is also available every day; every Wednesday morning, the orthopedic outpatient clinic of the hematology department is not interrupted; We will continue to provide service guarantees.”

During the epidemic, Ruijin Hospital also specially increased its telephone capacity, and opened 16 telephone lines, 60 people per day, and 24 hours online to answer calls from citizens , received more than 4,000 calls on the peak day. During the special period, operators and volunteers have built a bridge for the fastest communication between the hospital and the citizens.

Huashan Hospital outpatient service continues to provide “urgently needed” and “just-needed” medical services< /span>

Huashan Hospital:

Three treatment channels are unblocked

Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University is strictly following the premise that the epidemic prevention and control measures are not relaxed We will make every effort to meet the medical needs of the masses and achieve “three unblocked”: the emergency life channel is “unblocked” 24 hours a day, the outpatient service path is “unblocked”, and the admission treatment path for special types of patients (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hemodialysis, etc.) is “unblocked”.

From the end of March to the present, Huashan Hospital’s outpatient service has continued to provide “urgently needed” and “just needed” medical services to ensure uninterrupted services such as patient follow-up dispensing, suture removal and dressing change, and PICC maintenance. In special times, the hospital takes advantage of multiple hospital districts to ensure the opening of specialty disciplines such as neurosurgery, neurology, dermatology, and infectious diseases. In response to the demand for centralized dispensing in the community, the hospital has opened a green channel for volunteers to dispense drugs, pre-registered, set up special windows, optimized processes, and centralized packaging. Complete centralized dispensing in the shortest time, bring the medicine back to the community and deliver it to the patients. For patients who meet the discharge standards but have no means of transportation, Huashan Hospital actively helps to contact the community and the street where they live, provides nucleic acid certificates for patients in the hospital, and arranges hospital vehicles to transport patients to the community to solve the “last mile” problem of patients being discharged home.

During the upcoming May Day holiday, Huashan Hospital will further open more types of general, special disease, and expert outpatient clinics, and the centralized dispensing window will continue to open. On-site and online continue to provide high-quality services to patients.

Renji Hospital’s specialist clinics and special needs clinics should be fully opened

Renji Hospital:

Special outpatient clinics for special needs should be fully opened

The Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine is fully open to general outpatient clinics, as well as specialist outpatient clinics and special needs outpatient clinics. It is understood that after the special needs outpatient service of Renji Hospital opened on April 15, some experts in the obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and other departments returned to the “full” state before the epidemic. “Pregnant women need regular obstetric examinations. After the epidemic is closed, many people, especially some pregnant women with multiple pregnancy complications, cannot see the outpatient clinic as originally planned, and they are very anxious.” Professor Lin Jianhua, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Renji Hospital introduced. . After learning that the hospital’s special needs outpatient clinic was open, she immediately notified in the WeChat group that mothers who were more than 37 weeks pregnant and who were particularly ill would come to the hospital for inspection in batches.

Zhang Binyuan, director of the outpatient and emergency department of Renji Hospital, introduced that general outpatient clinics have never stopped since the epidemic was closed, and specialist outpatient clinics should now be fully opened. “At present, the number of outpatient visits per day in the eastern hospital area alone is nearly 3,000, and most of the departments are geriatrics, cardiology, neurology, and endocrinology for chronic diseases.” Zhang Binyuan said that Renji Hospital has an average of daily Open general outpatient clinics and specialist outpatient clinics. On May 1, Renji Hospital’s “Convenient Dispensing Clinic” continued to provide dispensing services for the majority of chronic disease patients, family members, and community dispensing volunteers; during the rest of the holiday period, general clinics and specialist clinics will be open according to the corresponding working day schedule. diagnosis.

Xinhua Hospital’s first “specialist consultation platform”

Xinhua Hospital:

The first to launch a group-type specialist consultation platform

The top three hospitals in Shanghai have also announced multiple hotline numbers for outpatient consultation and emergency consultation. Yesterday, Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine launched the first group-style “specialist consultation platform” in the city, which is on duty at the three ports of telephone, computer and mobile phone to provide patients with required services. At present, the first batch of specialist consultation hotlines launched by Xinhua Hospital has 8 specialties, namely obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, cardiovascular medicine, oncology, general surgery, urology, ophthalmology, and dermatology. The service hours of the specialist hotline are: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00.

Sheng Xujun, head of the medical department and outpatient and emergency department of Xinhua Hospital, said: “The first eight specialties were determined in the early stage of sorting out the needs of outpatient and emergency patients. The specialties with high demand and high demand are the special specialties of Xinhua Hospital.” After Xinhua Hospital announced this service on the official WeChat account, the dermatology hotline answered more than 50 patient consultation calls in just one morning.

Tongji Hospital outpatient service increases the number source of all departments span>

Tongji Hospital:

Five During the long holiday, the number of outpatients and emergency departments in Shanghai Tongji Hospital exceeded 14,000 in the past week.

More than 300 patients were admitted to the hospital, and the number of operations exceeded 80, with an average weekly increase of more than 50%. Xing Surong, director of the outpatient and emergency department, said that the outpatient department has increased the number of general departments, and sent doctors from general medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, and cardiovascular medicine, which are in high demand recently. The number of outpatient visits of general medicine has soared from more than 100 at the initial stage to more than 700. In order to facilitate the on-site treatment of patients, the outpatient clinic has also launched an efficient cross-departmental dispensing service. In the past month, the outpatient pharmacy has dispensed more than 30,000 prescriptions, with an average daily dispensing of about 300 people and an average daily dispensing volume of about 700 prescriptions. On the upcoming May Day, Tongji Hospital will open outpatient clinics from Monday to Sunday in order to facilitate patients to seek medical treatment.

The uninterrupted line of medical services is backed by the tireless efforts of medical staff. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, many public medical institutions in the city have gone all out to ensure the treatment of patients and protect the health of citizens with practical actions.

Consultation telephone numbers of major medical institutions in the city

< /span>

Municipal medical institutions strong>

District Medical Institutions

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