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Clear tea stains, try these small coups


Many friends like to drink tea, but the tea cup will turn yellow after a long time It turns black, and a thick layer of tea stains has accumulated on the inner wall. It is difficult to clean it with clean water.

tea How is scale formed?

Tea stains, also known as tea stains or tea mountains, refer to the dirt on the inner wall of tea sets. Tea stains are formed by insoluble substances in water and tea soup adhering to the container wall. Tea stains contain harmful substances such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and lead.

When drinking tea, it enters the human digestive system through the mouth, and is easily mixed with protein, fatty acid, and vitamins in the food And so on, produce precipitates that hinder the absorption and digestion of nutrients in the small intestine, and cause inflammation and even necrosis in organs such as the kidney, liver and stomach.

After ingestion of tea stains by patients with ulcer disease, the condition can often be exacerbated. Therefore, it is necessary to wash tea cups, teapots and other tea drinking utensils frequently.

Several commonly used

1. Potato peel cleaning method

When you eat potatoes at home, you can keep the peeled potato skins, and use them to clean the tea stains very well.

Because potatoes contain a lot of starch, when encountering high temperature, the starch will form and have the ability of adsorption and decontamination A colloidal solution, which is a good material for removing tea stains.

Put the potato skins in Pour boiling water into the teacup, cover the lid and soak for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water, and the tea stains will disappear.

If the tea is broken There is a lot of dirt, you can use a long-handled brush to brush it, and it will be the same as the new one after washing.

2. Toothpaste cleaning method

< span>Use a toothbrush to dip some toothpaste and apply it evenly on the inner wall of the tea cup.

3. Egg shell and white vinegar cleaning method

Some cups have metal tea dividers inside, which will become black and difficult to wash off due to tea stains. At this time, eggshells and white vinegar can be used to clean them.

Put the eggshells and white vinegar into a bowl, then add water and stir well, and soak the tea for 30 minutes before it becomes clean. This method can not only soften tea stains, but also sterilize.

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