Clean copywriting that is gentle to the bones

1. The moon looks at the stars and says that I look forward to meeting you in the next galaxy.

2. There is a gentle and domineering word in mathematics called: only.

3. Slowly enjoy the fireworks in the world, and watch everything go by for a long time.

4. I hope the passing wind can turn around and hug you.

5. After being gentle for a long time, if you have a little temper, you will become a villain.

6. When you are truly loved, you don’t have to be so pretty.

7. Anyway, people and people are saying goodbye in the process of change. I have no regrets, but I look forward to success.

8. May you be delicate to old age, with the sun in your eyes and magnanimous smiles.

9. Live up to every bloom, treat every bloom kindly, and collect every breeze.

10. I want to make fire on you and ignite this life.

11. I want to be like a little child, behind you and around you.

12. The dream is beautiful because you appear.

13. Having you is my lifelong pursuit.

14. You are standing at the door waiting for me, behind you is the whole world.

15. Loving you is what I am saying, loving you is what I have been doing.

16. You are really a wonderful person. I can’t find it anywhere in the world. You are so wonderful.

17. I will always be loyal to myself, and I will run towards my ideal and you.

18. Go look in the mirror and see my girlfriend, does she look good.

19. Eat the same fish, I will let you eat the body, and I will eat the head.

20, I have nothing to pursue, but I want to pursue you.

21. Life is like a play, and you are the protagonist in my play.

22. We cannot accompany each other now, and we will be together forever in the future.

23. Do you have this feeling, as if you can’t help yourself all your life?

24, no matter how sweet your mouth is, be careful that I will kiss you.

25. Perhaps, you are just an episode, but I treat it as the only one.

26, I love you, and you love me too, this is the simplest happiness.

27, I still like you very much, Nanyan will never leave her home.

28. Because my eyes are very small, I can only see one of you.

29. I miss you when I look for you, and I miss you when I don’t look for you.

30, I am slow and do not like to join in the fun. If I am enthusiastic about you, it means that you are very important.