Cili County: Performing “Double Plays” to Promote National Security Education

In April 2022, the Cili County Defense Line Office organized various departments at all levels in the county to actively carry out national security knowledge publicity activities, sang the “main theme” of national security education, and achieved good results.

“Learn”, occupy the ideological position” commanding heights”. Organically combine national security education with grass-roots party building work, actively play a leading role in party building, and actively organize party members and cadres to learn national security policies and regulations through a good “national security class”, organizing a knowledge quiz and other means, and fully mobilize The enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of party members and cadres in the county to learn national security education knowledge. Based on the epidemic prevention and control and the actual situation of each school, schools in the county have organized a series of educational activities on the theme of “National Security Entering Campus”. The No. 4 Middle School of the County organized the theme class meeting of “everyone is responsible for national security”, and the No. 1 Middle School of the County held a national flag speech on “What should we do to maintain national security”, and actively guided students to actively fulfill the legal obligations to maintain national security through activities and become a national security , conscious defenders of interests, firm practitioners and active propagandists.

“Public”, bringing together the popularization of law and education “positive energy”. Combined with activities such as “Rule of Law House Conference” and “Law of Law Lectures”, through various forms such as setting up rule of law classes, setting up banners, distributing publicity materials, etc., focusing on publicizing the “National Security Law”, “Counter-espionage Law”, etc. Relevant laws and regulations have injected the awareness of safeguarding national security into the hearts of the masses. More than 300 national security education posters and more than 500 national security education propaganda banners are hung in conspicuous positions in various organs, units, townships (streets) of the county, and the LED displays of the office buildings and commercial buildings of government agencies and institutions roll out national safety propaganda and education. content to achieve dynamic publicity. At present, more than 160 legal publicity campaigns have been carried out, more than 5,000 copies of publicity materials have been distributed, and more than 30,000 people have been educated.

This propaganda activity has brought a “spring breeze” of legal education to the general public, enhanced the public’s awareness of the law, understanding, abiding, and usage of the law, and further consolidated the awareness of safeguarding national security. The mass foundation and social foundation have built a stronger security line of defense.

Source: Cili County Political and Legal Committee


[Source: Ping An Zhangjiajie]

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