Cili County Holds 2022 Public Security Traffic Management Work Conference

On April 18, the 2022 Public Security Traffic Management Work Conference of Cili County was held in the County Traffic Police Brigade. Li Xionglin, Deputy County Chief and Director of the County Public Security Bureau, attended the meeting.

The meeting listened to the annual report on the public security traffic management work, interpreted the “2022 Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment Plan for Public Security Traffic Management Work”, read out the “Notice on Commending the “Excellent Auxiliary Police” in 2021″, and expressed Arrangements have been made for the deepening of the “Strengthening Quality, Shaping the Image” style of construction and the work of creating priority and striving for the first, as well as the centralized rectification of traffic problems and chronic diseases and the work of “reducing the amount and controlling the large”.

In 2022, the Cili County Public Security Traffic Police will closely focus on the four main lines of accident prevention, law enforcement norms, reform and innovation, and political police construction clearly defined by the provincial and municipal traffic police systems. The overall arrangement of the year of deepening the construction of “image” style and the pursuit of excellence, focusing on the main line of security and stability, taking the main responsibility of accident prevention, improving the level of road management and control, strengthening the construction of law enforcement and norms, doing excellent and practical services for the people, and deeply promoting rural traffic governance , strictly manage the team, and contribute the wisdom and strength of the police traffic police to the high quality of the county’s economy.

In terms of how to do a good job in traffic management in 2022, Li Xionglin requested that the county public security traffic police should align the situation and tasks, resolutely win the “rectification battle” of traffic safety, strengthen their responsibility, and resolutely start the energy level upgrade” Take the initiative to fight”, to boost the spirit of the team, and resolutely fight the “responsibility battle” of faithful performance of duties.

[Source: Cili County Big Data Center]

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