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“Chrysanthemum leaves autumn crab chelate fat”, can liver disease patients eat crabs?

“Gui Fu Qingfeng Chrysanthemum Cream”,

“Chrysanthemum leaves autumn color crab claw fertilizer”.

At the turn of autumn and winter, the rice beams are enough, and the seasons of chrysanthemum and cinnamon are the most plump crabs. Modern medicine believes that crabs are not only delicious, but also their nutritional value cannot be ignored.

As the saying goes: when the autumn wind rises, the crab legs are itchy; when the chrysanthemum blooms, the smell of the crab comes.

Every fall, the hairy crabs that are full of yellow fat are sure to occupy a seat.

Hairy crabs are delicious, how can they “eat well”?

Hutian frost falls in October and fragrant crabs are like tigers-crabs at the beginning of late rice

Li Shizhen said: “Compendium of Materia Medica” says: “Ginger and vinegar for fresh crabs, mellow wine for you, chewing yellow and holding ao, to appreciate the flavor.”

Liu Ruoyu’s “History of the Ming Palace”: “New wine is made in August, and crabs are fattened. All palace officials and officials eat crabs, wash them alive, steam them in poufs, and collect them in groups of five or six. Sitting and eating together, laughing and laughing. Self-lifting the navel cover, picky with fingernails, dipping in vinegar and garlic to serve with wine. Or plucking the breastbone of crabs, the eight-way complete like a butterfly, as a sign of cleverness.”

Li Yu is good at eating crabs, “Those who eat crabs should only combine their original body, steam them and cook them, store them in ice trays, put them on the list, and listen to the guests themselves. Cut a basket, eat a basket; cut a claw, eat a claw, the gas and flavor will not leak. What comes out of the shell of the crab will enter the human mouth.”

Yuan Mei wrote “Suiyuan Food List”: Crabs should be eaten alone, preferably cooked in light salt soup, peeled and eaten by themselves.

Ginger and basil are indispensable. Because crabs are cold in nature, you can sprinkle some ginger slices or basil leaves on the crabs when steaming the crabs. If you boil the crabs with water, you can add ginger slices or basil leaves into the water. Both ginger and basil can detoxify fish and crabs. In addition, the warm nature of ginger and basil can also detoxify the cold nature of crabs.

“What is the purpose of drinking a glass of wine and breaking a crab into a yellow orange”-The role of the crab

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that crab meat is cold in nature and salty in taste. It has the functions of relaxing tendons and replenishing qi, regulating stomach and digestion, clearing meridians, dissipating heat, clearing heat, and nourishing yin. Muscle fracture.

Fu Gong in the Song Dynasty wrote “Crab Spectrum”, in which it is said that crabs can: “treat stomach qi”, “remove the branches”, “remove the five internal organs and troubles”. In the Ming Dynasty, Wan Houxian said in “Small Fragrance Storage”: “Suppress malaria”.

Liu Xianting of the Qing Dynasty stated in “Guangyang Miscellaneous Notes”: “Put a few catties of crabs and apply them all over the body” to treat lacquer sores (allergic dermatitis) “within a day or two. “And the more… wait.

Feng Zhaozhang of the Qing Dynasty said in “The Secret Record of Feng’s Kits” that crabs have the effect of “dissolving blood and resolving knots”.

Wang Mengying believed in “Suixiju Diet Recipe” that crabs can “activate blood”, crab shells “mainly ward off evil spirits and break blood”, and crab claws can “induced abortion”. Those with qi deficiency and cold, unresolved sense of time, phlegm cough, and diarrhea should not be avoided.” It can be seen that pregnant women should eat less crabs, and those with unresolved exogenous coughs should not eat them.

Gan Zuwang wrote an article “Crabs”, at the end of the article he said: “My teacher Zhong’s internal and trauma prescriptions for treating orthopedic and traumatic diseases often teach patients to take crab claws ( That is, the section at the end of the foot) is used as an introduction. The cover has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis. Therefore, a non-open injury of contusion, sprain or blunt trauma can have a full meal, even though two or three meals of crabs and old wine, It’s the best remedy.”

Pairing with rice wine

Crabs are cold, if they are paired with heated rice wine, it is better to add some shredded ginger to the wine;

With black tea

Crabs are rich in nutrients, and if you eat a few of them, you will feel full. Drinking some tea will not only relieve hangover and hangover, but also remove fishy smell and bloating.

With fruit

“The orange is also yellow when the crab is strong”

“Yuepu yellow orange is tender, Wuxi purple crab fat.”

“Why do we share a glass of wine and break the crabs into oranges.”

Eating crabs must be paired with wine, and eating oranges will help you get rid of hangovers. The combination of oranges and crabs makes it a delicious dish – crab-stuffed oranges.

Who shouldn’t eat crab?

Everything has its own nature. Crabs are delicious, but not everyone can eat them:

Those with eczema, dermatitis, boils and boils may aggravate their symptoms after eating crab;

People with chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, gallstones, hepatitis are prone to relapse after eating crab;

Those who suffer from cold, fever and stomach pain will prolong the course of disease after eating crab;

People with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, high blood lipids, eating crab roe is not good for the body;

Because crabs are rampant, they can activate blood circulation, and their nature is extremely cold, so pregnant women are not suitable for eating, and those with cold palaces and weak fetuses may have the possibility of miscarriage after eating. The New Compendium of Materia Medica records: Pregnant women eat, and it makes people sick. This thing is the most unfavorable to people, and people like to eat it most. However, it is also desirable to have this to relieve the chest heat. If it is used as medicine, it should only be used within the loss. Among them, the most unsuitable part of crabs for pregnant women to eat is crab claws. “Ben Cao Xin Bian” records: Or ask crab claws to disrupt abortion, why is its claw too beneficial? Said: Crabs are the most dynamic, and the claws are the most mobile. In the dead belly of the child, the cells cannot be broken, and the use of the real spirit is exactly what moves it. The meaning of this passage is that the crab claws are active, which is easy to damage the fetal gas, so eating too much will lead to the risk of ruptured abortion. It is better for pregnant women not to eat.

Can people with liver disease eat crabs?

For patients with fatty liver, crab is rich in protein and fat. After eating too much crab, it will increase the intake of fat, which may Can lead to aggravation of fatty liver.

Chronic viral hepatitis patients with normal liver function and normal digestive function can eat crab appropriately. After all, crabs contain a lot of high-quality protein and trace elements to supplement the nutrients needed by the body.

If liver inflammation fluctuates, the patient will experience gastric mucosal congestion, abnormal bile secretion, poor digestive function, and the protein contained in crab is difficult to digest, which will increase abdominal distension .

For patients with liver cirrhosis, patients often have esophageal and gastric varices, which can easily cause upper gastrointestinal bleeding when eating crabs, so it is better not to eat them.

For patients with combinedhepatic encephalopathy, it should be avoided. After all, crab is a high-protein food that can easily induce hepatic encephalopathy.

Crabs contain two components, purine and glycine, which will produce too much uric acid in the blood. People with hyperuricemia can easily induce gout by eating too much.

Crab roe contains high cholesterol. When patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases eat crab, it is recommended not to eat crab roe or eat less crab roe.

The protein in dead crabs and overnight crabs will be decomposed into histamine, which will lead to allergic reactions, that is, vomiting, diarrhea, blistering, itching, and even edema.

In addition, crab and persimmon should not be eaten at the same time. Because persimmon contains a lot of tannic acid, the two combine with protein to form tannic acid protein under the action of gastric acid, which is difficult to dissolve in water and deposited in the stomach. Gastric stones can form.