Children are also affected by heat stroke, and multiple organs in the body fail. How to prevent

A 4-year-old child in Hubei was rescued in the hospital due to heat stroke. The body temperature was as high as 41 degrees for 12 hours. Multiple organs in the body failed, and liver function abnormalities and kidney failure occurred. , decreased urination, or even abnormal coagulation function, this situation is very dangerous, because coagulation dysfunction will lead to bleeding next, and it is difficult to treat at this step.

Why does heat stroke lead to the decline of liver and kidney function? This is mainly caused by the loss of water in the whole body. The main component of our blood is water, and the tissues outside the blood vessels are also water-based. Lord, as long as the water is insufficient, the nutrients and oxygen transported in the blood cannot be transported to various organs and tissues and take away the metabolites. Once this happens, it is difficult for all the organs to be well maintained. Cells will be necrotic, and the function of the organs will decline. When it falls to a certain level, the function will further decline. The internal environment of the human body is filled with toxic and harmful metabolites, which will threaten life.

Children’s organs are underdeveloped and prone to failure, but children’s organ repair ability is strong, which is a good aspect, but in any case, it is best to prevent the occurrence of heat stroke Yes, in order to achieve this, the most important thing is to avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature and high humidity environment, and pay attention to hydration and salt supplementation, which can effectively prevent children from heat stroke.