Cheap is not good quality? This sweater became the out-of-stock king as soon as it went on sale! Playful and age-reducing giant and thin! Go!

In the past few days, the temperature has obviously dropped!

The friends in the south also have a deep understanding. The temperature difference between day and night is getting bigger and bigger, and the wind in the morning and evening is cool and bleak.

Fall is really here, and it’s time to fill up your wardrobe again. It’s a good time to chat with you today, and it will not be out of fashion – sweater! Every autumn, I can change the pattern on the hot search~

Especially under the popular trend of Athflow (sports and leisure style) this year, sports, leisure and comfortable sweaters are more and more popular among fashionistas.

Every time this season, the street photography of celebrities and hipsters is dominated by a series of sweaters.

Comfortable and versatile sweater, with its own vitality, it is very age-reducing. Whether it’s playing with the missing lower body, or just wearing a pair of jeans, it’s both stylish and good-looking!

After it’s colder, you can wear it under windbreakers, suits, and jackets for easy layering.

Block the wind and keep out the cold, it is comfortable to wear outside and inside, and the temperature and demeanor are all accounted for. With it, there is no need to worry about changing seasons.

The most important point is that it is especially friendly to people of all shapes and sizes.

Have fat in the lower abdomen? Shoulder width show thick back? Bye-bye to meat? Put it on with one click!

As a standard sweater maniac, the editors of various brands of sweaters naturally do not buy less.

But if I say I like it the most recently, it must be this one that matches well, doesn’t pick people, looks good no matter how you wear it, and the key cost-effective simple solid color cotton sweater< /strong>.

This sweater is different from ordinary sweaters on the market. From the perspective of fabric, their home is different from other cheap synthetic fibers, and they use pure cotton material, to the touch, delicate and silky.

A thin sweater with no velvet inside, a thickness that is very suitable for the autumn season.

The thickness is moderate, soft and breathable, and the upper body is very comfortable!

Good texture, great fit, very durable, satisfy all your imagination of quality sweater!

Work, leisure, outerwear, and innerwear are great. It is very suitable for the economical and practical school that we pursue the trend.

It also has many colors, 12 colors, there are classic and versatile, brightening skin, soft and eye-catching, all of them are special nice!

It can satisfy all your outfit styles in spring, autumn and winter, fresh and generous, playful and age-reducing, and full of trendy taste.

The key price-performance ratio is still very high. Buy one for 109 yuan and get one free. When you get 2 pieces, one piece costs only 54.5 yuan. You can buy a sweater for two cups of milk tea. Babies!

Drinking milk tea will only make you fat, and the clothes can be worn for a few years, so why hesitate, place an order directly!

Simple cotton sweatshirt

Classic crew neck in 12 colors


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CottonComfortable and durable

To be honest, there are quite a few sweatshirts on the market that sell for fifty or sixty, but often the material is not only piercing to the heart but also to the body.

Compared to those inferior sweaters, this one has a lot more attention to the fabric!

Pure cotton material, using high-quality cotton, each cotton is carefully selected.

The woven fabric feels delicate and soft to the touch, just like touching a child’s skin.

In addition, some small knowledge about cotton is popularized. If you want to know whether the fabric is soft enough and wear-resistant, you need to judge according to the thickness of the yarn count.

The yarn counts are: 21, 24, 26, 32, 40, etc. Generally, the larger the fabric count, the lighter and thinner the yarn of the same length, and the tighter the fabric is and less prone to deformation.

And this sweater is woven with 50 thread count yarn, making it more durable than many sweaters on the market.

The cuffs and hem are reinforced with double-layer stitching, which is neatly routed and not easy to pilling and wear.

The cotton fiber is rich in pores and breathable is great, the water vapor can pass through the sweater instantly, and the base will not be stuffy.

People with sensitive skin are very picky about fabrics in changing seasons, and sometimes their skin itches for no reason. It is strongly recommended to wear pure cotton.

The most worrying thing about a round neck sweater is that the neckline is loose. If the neckline of a sweater is loose, the dress is considered useless.

But the neckline of this sweater is firm and not easy to loosen. The secret is that it not only has a double-layered neckline, but also has an anti-deformation collar.

And it has a nickname, “Tear It Up”! The collar strip on the back collar carefully prevents the collar from being stretched out too much. So you can rest assured to throw in the washing machine to wash, not easy to deform.

Other aspects of the workmanship are also very particular about the details. Fine cut, smooth stitching, and a snug fit at the neckline, cuffs, and hem.

1 piece can be worn for 3 seasons. It’s very cost-effective to stock up on a few colors~

Loose fitHides the flesh and looks thin, perfectly accommodates all shapes

The fit of this sweater is really worth blowing up!

First, I used the box shape design that is most suitable for Asians, and also made a slight downward shift in the shoulder line position.

The slightly lower shoulder line can effectively modify the shoulder line and avoid the “tiger back and bear waist” from the root cause.

The self-contained drape and the golden ratio tailoring make it special to cover the flesh when worn on the body, which can easily hide the small belly and bye-bye meat, showing the visual sense of being 10 pounds thinner.

Whether you are tall, short, fat or thin, your upper body will look generous and not cramped.

Because the fabric is solid, it has a sense of stiffness. It is not as soft as traditional sweaters, and it is visually very fat.

The upper body is crisp and stylish, and the shoulder shape is extraordinarily good! The effect of covering the flesh and showing thinness is simply not too good. It is to the extent that the slightly fat people are moved to tears!

Several colleagues around me saw that they all planned to stock up on a few pieces of different colors, and the week’s outfits were all resolved!

12 colors that are trending right now

A solid color sweater is worn in a variety of colors.

Choose the right color to not only brighten your complexion, but also make it the most versatile item in your wardrobe.

And it comes in 12 colors: Beige, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Rose, Grey, Red, White, Mint Blue, Pink, black.

Babys, you can definitely find the one you like~

A colleague said that since wearing this sweater, other tops have been put into the cold palace, and one sweater can create a hundred styles and hold it for various occasions!

Sweater + pants, free and easy

Sweatshirts and pants are simple and easy to use, casual and advanced, casual and natural.

If you think the standard matching of tops and bottoms is too monotonous, you can also refer to the half-plug method. Choose a larger sweater for the upper body, and tuck the front hem into the waistband for a fashionable look.

Sweater + skirt, full of high-end style

Sweater + skirt, it’s a fairy combination. Choose a slightly longer style for the upper body and a short skirt for the lower body to instantly transform into the most beautiful scenery.

In addition to short skirts, long skirts are also a good match. Leather skirts, pleated skirts, cake skirts, and sweaters add a different sense of mix and match, adding vitality to the clothes.

Sweater layering method to add layering

Launching different styles of clothing is also a new trend in today’s fashion industry. Using a sweater as an inner layer is more style than a regular T-shirt sweater.

Pair it with long coats such as trench coats and woolen coats for a standard autumn look, which can inadvertently reveal a British style.

Size from S-5XL to you! 80-200 pounds of girls have the right size!

Even if you have already entered the fat world, don’t worry! Enter with confidence!

Fresh, artistic, warm, gentle, playful…

You can easily choose any style you want, you can get two pieces for 109 yuan, and wear them in different colors every day!

It’s so beautiful!

Simple cotton sweatshirt

Classic crew neck in 12 colors


Remarks: When placing an order, please note the color of the second item. If you don’t note, two items of the same color and size will be sent by default.

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