Character creation · Zhao Mengfu


July 30 is the 700th anniversary of Zhao Mengfu’s death. For my own sake, I have to make a word for this man.

Comparing the original character of “Zhao” with my new character, you can see my admiration for Mr. Zi Ang.

Speaking of people with the surname Zhao, what are the first names that come to your mind? Zhao Kuangyin, Zhao Shuli, Zhao Yun, Zhao Lirong, Zhao Min, Zhao… Zhongxiang? And I will definitely put Zhao Mengfu first.

The Chinese attach so much importance to cultural education and writing education, so we have to admit that this Lao Zhao has the greatest influence on Chinese writing culture in the past 700 years.

How should Chinese intellectuals live? Different dimensions have different role models. To live wild and uninhibited, learn from Li Bai; to live loyally and patriotically, aiming at Du Fu; to live open-minded and interesting, chasing Su Dongpo; to live humiliatingly, thinking of Sima Qian and Zhao Mengfu; to live staunchly, self-respect, righteousness Humiliate, follow Qu Yuan, Wang Guowei, Lao She… Of course we can’t do it.

Sima Qian had a big plan to endure the humiliation; Zhao Mengfu had no lofty ideals, he never thought to illuminate the history of Chinese culture with his poems, calligraphy and paintings, he just lived every day like you and me habitually. One day; the emperor’s order came, and he had to go out.

Zhao Mengfu was 700 years away from us, and he was nearly 900 years away from the death of Wang Xizhi.

How did he do it? With no support, no evidence, no evidence, one step across 900 years, rising out of thin air, inheriting the two kings’ brushwork for us, and at the same time injecting new life into calligraphy?

What if, without him?