Cervical lesions, legs or “signals”? Doctors: 4 changes that hopefully draw attention

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The uterus is female The unique genital organs in the body are the place where menstruation occurs, and it is also an important location for nurturing new life. For female friends, the health of the uterus means their fertility and physical health.

At the same time, the uterus can also help the body secrete hormones and regulate the endocrine balance in women’s bodies. Once endocrine disorders occur, it may lead to health problems. Affected by various diseases.

Although female friends have menstrual discharge every month, which can help the body to excrete toxins and wastes from the body, but with the continuous change of time and the continuous improvement of age Growth, coupled with the unhealthy eating and living environment of female friends, smoking, drinking, staying up late, and irregularity will cause certain damage to the uterus.

Especially in recent years, the high incidence of cervical cancer has also seriously affected women’s health and even caused life-threatening consequences. Cervical cancer is also a common disease. malignant tumor, but it causes great harm to women’s health.

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is a common malignant tumor in women and ranks second among gynecological tumors.

Cervical cancer is cancer that occurs in the epithelium of the cervix, so it is called cervical cancer. It is mainly divided into cervical squamous cell carcinoma and cervical glandular carcinoma. Cancer, the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer, ranks second in the world. Nearly 600,000 people around the world are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. Now it is also a major disease that female friends talk about.

There are two high incidence age groups for cervical cancer, the first age group is between 30 and 40 years old, and the second age group is between 60 and 60 years old. Between 65 years old. Because the onset of cervical cancer is relatively fast and dangerous, it also attracts everyone’s attention.

So remind female friends to pay attention to personal eating and living habits in daily life, pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, protect the health of the uterus, and also It is a good habit of regular physical examination to discover the potential causes in the body in time, so as to achieve early detection, early prevention, and early treatment, and it is better to stay away from cancer.

What causes cervical cancer?

The main cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus HPV infection. Living too early, giving birth too early, AIDS patients and smoking patients.

Of course, 99% of cervical cancer patients are infected with HPV virus, so the current vaccine against HPV virus can be effective in very Prevent cervical cancer to a large extent.

But the most common one is HPV infection because of sexual life, but it does not mean that infection with HPV virus will inevitably lead to cervical cancer , but without timely treatment and control, persistent infection occurs, which leads to the emergence of cervical cancer.

And according to research, 80% of female friends may have been infected with HPV virus, and many people are transient When the body’s resistance to infection and immunity are high, the HPV virus may be cleared by itself.

But for some people with poor immunity, it may cause persistent infection and persistent infection. Exposure to the HPV virus leads to the continuous development of cells on the surface of the cervix that gradually become cancerous.

Cervix lesions, leg or “signal”? Doctor: 4 Changes, Hope to Get Attention

[1] Warts on Legs

Most cervical cancers are infected by bacteria and viruses, resulting in abnormal cell state. When the human body is infected by viruses, bacteria and viruses will follow the development of the disease. Spread, gradually attack the person’s immune system.

For example, warts of different sizes will appear on the legs, so once you find this abnormal situation in your life, you must pay attention to it in time Please don’t take it lightly to prevent minor illnesses from turning into serious illnesses.

【2】Frequent itching in the legs< /strong>

In life, there are many factors that cause skin itching, such as dry skin or allergies, which may be caused, but after conditioning It will be relieved later.

If you have frequent leg itching for a period of time, accompanied by numbness and pain in the legs, everyone It must not be ignored that it may be related to cervical lesions.

After cervical lesions, local blood circulation will be blocked, and there is no way to transport oxygen and Nutrition and venous return will be hindered, so itching occurs. At this time, you must seek medical examination in time to avoid missing the best treatment time.

【3】Blue veins appear on the legs

When the cervical region has lesions, various blood vessels in the body will cause compression and irritation , causing the venous blood in the legs to be obstructed and causing varicose veins, resulting in blue veins in the legs.

There are also many female friends who will have darkening of the color in the groin area. This may be due to blood stasis in the uterus, which may cause the groin to darken. At this time, you should be vigilant and seek medical attention in time. Inspection of.

[4] Leg edema and pain

< span>If you have kidney disease in your daily life or drink too much water before going to bed, you will get swollen face and leg edema in the morning. If these factors are excluded, you should also consider whether it is cervical disease. cause.

When abnormal cervical lesions are local lesions, in the process of continuous development, it will also cause compression to surrounding nerve and blood vessel tissue , resulting in the phenomenon of edema caused by obstruction of blood circulation, and also feel pain, I hope everyone will pay attention.

Extended—What are the ways to prevent cervical cancer?

—-Do a gynecological survey every year.

Remind female friends that they must pay attention to the importance of physical examination in their daily life. Through physical examination, potential causes in the body can be effectively discovered , For some diseases detected early, early detection, early prevention and early treatment can also be achieved.

Especially with the appearance of cervical cancer, it is easy to detect early inflammation to malignant cancer at an early stage, which takes about 7 years, so it should be Cultivate the good habit of receiving gynecological physical examination every year, which can also detect the disease in time and reduce the risk of death.

—-Stay away from risk factors for cervical cancer.

Women who want to better protect the health of the cervix and prevent cervical cancer must learn to stay away from all risk factors for cervical cancer .

If a female friend has a poor awareness of health care and only wants to go for a checkup when she is sick, the best time for treatment may have been missed.

Especially for long-term oral contraceptives, excessive sexual partners, injuries caused by gynecological examination equipment, and may also cause risk factors for the cervix, so These disease factors should be avoided as much as possible.

— -Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of chronic cervical diseases.

If female friends are diagnosed with gynecological diseases in their lives, such as For common cervical erosion, cervical dysplasia and other diseases, active treatment must be done to avoid chronic cervical malignancy due to untimely treatment.

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