Catch a group of autumn meanings

Caught a group of autumn meaning

City sounds

Morning city sounds mixed with breakfast flavor

In a hurry, there is the aroma of soybean juice

There is also the crisp fragrance of cakes on the way to commute

The afternoon city sound is disturbed by the sound of cicadas

Liu Yong’s noun has taken the opportunity to become popular again

< p>The sound of the city in the evening has two sides of AB

A side is the urgency to go home

B side is one meat and two vegetables on the square table

I like it The subtle city sounds at night

listen to a piece of dusty history

or listen to an old song of the past

catch crickets

The night of early autumn

The sound of crickets outside the window changed from thin to thick

The “Six Records of a Floating Life” I was reading in both hands

Just in time for “Remembering Fun” Volume

There are beautiful words in a beautiful story

Beautiful words are like the undulating sound of crickets

I caught “green cockroach”, “sunflower”, “stone” The calamus”

caught words such as “precious as an arch wall” and “slim”

I caught “green shirt and red sleeves, crossing the border”

caught “tea Fragrance, especially wonderful” etc.

When I catch more or less, I put it into a bowl made of paper

The dream changes from thick to thin in the sound of crickets

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Catch a ball of autumn meaning

pat, pat, pat

rain is calling me


reached out to catch a group of autumn meanings

the slightly cool feeling is like a beautiful talk that makes people comfortable

“beginning with joy and ending with wisdom”

The raindrops whispered to me

I heard the words, I clenched the meaning of autumn

tick, tick, tick

There are raindrops calling me


reached out to catch a group of autumn meaning

cool and a little dilute the heat

“all things are in the heart”

raindrops gently Tell me

I hold the meaning of autumn tightly with a little understanding

The study of ear food

After listening to a philosophy lecture in the audio

Only switched to reality with great interest

The ancients called the knowledge they heard “the study of ear food”

Yesterday, I also learned from my father After listening to the family study

the knowledge of family love is deeply rooted in the hometown

At this time, the rain outside the window is noisy Cut

the spiritual food from the sky

adding wonderful


a sadness to the “learning of ear food” The rope

restricted her all the time

first coughed violently

and then slowly fell into the abyss

“All because of the rope It is not broken, because the rope is not broken”

Mumbling to herself, she cut the rope

No matter how beautiful the love is, no matter how beautiful the love is

She can’t be accommodating to indulgence

she cleans up the mess of the marriage

sweeping away the broken shell and dregs of emotion

lightly cover up the beauty of the past

It was reality that educated her

when she wrote the newsletter

those people pouted and commented on the ground

when she wrote the literary draft< /p>

Facing the sentences with images

They scolded those who couldn’t understand it

It was they who taught her

“Summer bugs can’t speak ice” “Meaning

In a class that was out of power due to thunderstorms

a female colleague named J who was jealous of her

using the class leader’s obscenity

< p>Forcing her, who had been drenched in the rain, to send electricity

The power source pity her, but did not electrocute her

“To live well is to win! “

She thanked her fate with this sentence

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