Caption | The fireflies are dotted and the stars are shining brightly, now is the best time to watch fireflies

The dots of fluorescent light among the grass echo the bright starry sky.

Recently, in the mountains of Dahu Township, Minhou, Fuzhou, when night falls, there are always groups of flying fireflies, twinkling in the woods, grass, roadsides, and the bright starry sky. Echoing each other from a distance, it is like entering a fairy tale world. It is understood that July and August are the best time to watch fireflies in Fujian. Affected by the rain in the first two months, the number of fireflies this year is more than in previous years, and it is also more active. At the same time, photography enthusiasts are reminded that if they want to chase “fireflies”, they should pay attention to moisture-proof and anti-skid at night, and try not to use strong light, which will affect the habitat of fireflies.

The stars are shining and the fireflies are shining.

The fireflies streak across the starry sky.

Fireflies usually live near streams.

In the mountains of Minhou Dahu Township, groups of fireflies dance.

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