Can’t “millet porridge” be breakfast? Reminder: More than millet porridge, 5 kinds of breakfast, or leave the table early

Clothing, food, housing, and transportation are the standards for maintaining good health, and are also necessities in life. If people want to live, they cannot live without food, and three meals a day are not allowed. No, the Chinese people’s dietary principles should be to eat a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner.

Adhering to this dietary principle is more conducive to maintaining physical health, maintaining the original activity of life activities, and supplementing the body with nutrients and energy .

A year’s plan is in spring, and a day’s plan is in the morning. Breakfast is particularly important to the human body, and eating a good breakfast is even more important. Helps to start the day with a good life.

Morning is the golden time to maintain the body and regulate the liver, eat breakfast on time, replenish nutrients in time, and more Helps nourish the spleen and stomach and maintain the vitality of the liver.

supplement the body with a steady stream of energy and nutrients, maintain healthy development of the body, and achieve the purpose of health preservation. More effective than other health supplements.

After a night of deep sleep, the cells and tissues are metabolized, and the nutrients and energy in the body are almost consumed. , It is necessary to replenish energy substances in time to maintain the healthy operation of the body.

For the student party and office workers, the time in the morning is tight, and they prefer to drink a bowl of hot Millet porridge, which is recognized as a stomach-nourishing food in China, is loved by many people.

Comparatively speaking, millet porridge is relatively light, rich in dietary fiber and trace elements for breakfast and a bowl of millet Porridge can have a laxative effect and promote the excretion of feces and metabolites in the body.

helps maintain healthy development of the body, but some experts say that it is not recommended to drink millet porridge for breakfast. true or false? Let’s find out together.


Can “millet porridge” be used for breakfast?

Especially in northern regions, millet porridge is a common staple food, and most middle-aged and elderly people habitually drink a bowl for breakfast The hot millet porridge saves money and trouble. It is the best breakfast.

Nutritionists and pathologists: It does not mean that millet porridge cannot be eaten for breakfast. The reason why some people think that millet porridge cannot be eaten for breakfast, Mainly divided into the following reasons:

1. High sugar content

< p data-track="16">The millet porridge becomes thicker after a long time of cooking, and the macromolecular substances will be decomposed into small molecular substances. After being released, they will be absorbed and digested rapidly by the stomach and intestines It is converted into glucose, which is always present in the human body.

If you drink millet porridge alone in the morning for a long time, the blood sugar concentration will continue to rise, which is not conducive to the stability of blood sugar after meals. Blood sugar and diabetics can have adverse effects.

2. Rich in dietary fiber

in ingredient list From the perspective of analyzing the rich dietary fiber in millet, drinking some millet porridge properly can have the effect of defecation and relieve constipation. If you use millet porridge alone for breakfast for a long time, it will lead to more and more dietary fiber in the stomach. The more.

In this state, it will make it difficult for the gastrointestinal function to absorb and digest other foods, resulting in gastrointestinal accumulation, indigestion, decreased appetite, etc. Problem.

3. Single nutritional value

< span>The main nutrients in millet are carbohydrates, amino acids, water, mineral elements, trace elements, etc. The nutritional value is too simple compared to other foods. If you often eat millet porridge as breakfast, it will also affect the body. And its absorption of nutrients will have adverse effects.

Breakfast is relatively fragile and needs to be supplemented with a large amount of nutrients in time to maintain internal organs and life. Because of the running of the event, it is not recommended to eat millet porridge alone.

Seeing this, everyone should understand the reason and not recommend it. Use millet porridge for breakfast. What are your thoughts on millet porridge? You can share your thoughts in the comment area.


Reminder: More than millet porridge, 5 kinds of breakfast, or leave the table early

< span>1. Candied eggs

In the literal sense, candied eggs are not fully cooked Transparent eggs, eggs, as a common egg ingredient on the table, are rich in high-quality protein and amino acids. Eating an egg after getting up in the morning can meet the demand for protein and amino acids throughout the day.

Middle-aged and elderly people prefer to eat boiled eggs that are fully cooked, while young people like to eat half-boiled candied eggs, which are recognized as highly nutritious Value ingredients can supplement a variety of trace elements and mineral elements for the body, and replenish nutrients in time.

Candied eggs have a richer taste and are loved by many young people. Some people think that half-boiled eggs are more nutritious than fully-boiled eggs. Higher, retains the original taste and nutrients to the greatest extent, and is easily absorbed by the body.

From a health perspective, half-boiled eggs are an unhealthy food. There are parasites and bacterial substances in uncooked eggs, which are often eaten. It will increase the burden on the stomach and induce Helicobacter pylori and Salmonella infections.

2. Youtiao

< span>Soybean milk fritters are the golden partner in breakfast. They are crispy and delicious, but they are rich in high fat and oil content. Long-term consumption of fritters will lead to obesity, increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, and affect normal absorption and digestion.

After frying at high temperature, the fried dough sticks are rich in oil and fat. Frequent use of the fried dough sticks will cause the cholesterol in the blood vessels and the level of liver fat loss. The continuous increase will increase the pressure and burden of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and induce chronic diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Leftovers

Diligence and frugality has always been a fine traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, especially for middle-aged and elderly people, the leftovers that could not be eaten the night before will be stored in the refrigerator, and eaten hot the next day.

After one night’s storage of leftovers, a large number of pathogenic bacteria and other bacteria will be produced, the most important being lettuceLeftover meals produce nitrite, which binds to proteins in the body to produce harmful nitrosamines, which can even increase the risk of cancer.

It is a good thing to be diligent and thrifty, but it must be placed in the right place. Often eating leftovers in the morning will increase the burden on the stomach and digestion. , and even induce cancer risk in other cells and tissues of the body.

4. Poor quality meat

Cheaper meats, such as ham and steak, often appear in young people’s breakfasts, and they usually choose to buy them online or in supermarkets. Frozen meat, especially products purchased online, is difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

Low-priced steaks are likely to be made of inferior meat, and some industrial glues and leftovers are used to combine them, resulting in beef The taste is very similar.

Most of the ham sausages on the market do not have a safe source of meat, and it is impossible to determine whether to use high-quality pork. Although it tastes good, it may Flavor and other food additives are added to mask the previous taste.

Frequently ingesting inferior meat for breakfast is extremely irresponsible for physical health, and may even cause some inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, and the nutritional value is low, which will lead to nutrition in the body imbalance.

5. Speed ​​Pasta

In order to save time in the morning, most office workers choose to go to the supermarket to buy quick-frozen pasta, steam it in a pot or boil it, and then take it out and eat it.

Convenient and trouble-free, but eating frozen products as breakfast for a long time will have some adverse effects on health. After a long time of freezing nutrients , A large amount of starch is lost, and the phenomenon of aging and loss will occur after low temperature storage.

It is not conducive to the absorption and utilization of nutrients by the stomach and intestines, cannot provide more nutrients for the human body, and even causes the imbalance of gastrointestinal digestion. The best thing is to choose fresh pasta, which is rich in nutritional value and tastes great.

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