Can’t drink millet porridge with elevated blood sugar? Reminder: 7 kinds of food may be related to blood sugar

Millet porridge should be regarded as a kind of coarse grain in the kitchen of every household. When it comes to millet porridge, everyone will unconsciously think of nourishing the stomach.

Because the nature of millet is relatively mild, it generally does not cause stomach and stomach damage after ingesting it into porridge. The body causes stimulation, and at the same time absorbs the nutrients contained in it are also rich, such as vitamin B group lysine, mineral elements and so on.

So if the stomach function is not very good, you can consider drinking some millet porridge, maybe some Helps reduce the burden on the stomach and protect the health of the stomach.

Those who love to drink millet porridge may also reap the following benefits

Improve constipation:

Perhaps in the cognition of many people, constipation is a relatively common condition. Constipation does not seem to be serious, but prolonged constipation can easily cause greater harm and burden to the body.

Constipation can easily lead to a state of overloading the intestines, and may also increase the risk of The risk of anorectal disease, so if constipation occurs, it must be conditioned and improved in time. It is recommended that everyone consider drinking some millet porridge.

Improve insomnia:

In recent years, with the gradual acceleration of the pace of life, many people have also experienced insomnia. Occasional insomnia may not mean much, but if you have frequent insomnia for a period of time, it is very difficult to It is easy to affect the work and life of the second day.

If you don’t want to suffer from insomnia, you may need to pay more attention and adjust your diet. It is recommended that people who often suffer from insomnia usually Consider drinking some millet porridge, which may achieve the expected improvement.

Nourishes the kidneys:

The kidney is a very important internal organ in the human body. The health of the kidney may be directly related to the health of the human body, especially the majority of male friends, who may be more eager to have healthy kidneys.

If you want to protect your kidneys, you can usually consider eating whole grains, and millet is one of them. Therefore, drinking some millet porridge in moderation may also help nourish the kidneys.

Although it is said that regular consumption of millet porridge can bring many benefits to the body, some people have heard that after suffering from high blood sugar, Is there any basis for this statement that people cannot drink millet porridge? With this question in mind, let’s take a closer look.

Can’t drink millet porridge with elevated blood sugar?

Hyperglycemia is a chronic cardiovascular disease and one of the three high diseases. There are many reasons for high blood sugar, except eating sweets. In addition, some greasy foods or high starch foods can also affect the stability of blood sugar.

Although millet has high nutritional value, millet porridge tastes slightly sweet, so the sugar content in it It’s not too low either.

For those with high blood sugar, if they often drink a lot of millet porridge, it will inevitably lead to the Blood sugar further increased, of course, this does not mean that patients with high blood sugar can not drink millet porridge at all.

under control On the premise of the intake, drinking a small amount may not be a big problem. In addition, I remind everyone that you should control the time when you cook millet porridge, and try not to cook it too softly, because it is easy to make the Sugar is absorbed and utilized by the body.

And when you drink millet porridge, you should also use some foods with a lower glycemic index. Eating with food may prevent blood sugar from getting out of control.

Reminder: 7 foods may be related to blood sugar< /h1>

1, preserves

Candied fruit should be a kind of food that many people like to eat very much, because this kind of food tastes sweet and can satisfy people’s appetite.

< p data-track="26">The candied fruits on the market are generally made of fruits and vegetables as raw materials, which are made after secondary processing. The sugar content in them is relatively high, which is not suitable for high blood sugar. patient eats.

2, Chocolate

Chocolate is a typical sweet food. Although the taste of this food is mellow and rich, people can’t put it down, but the sugar content is relatively high.

So for those with high blood sugar, I hope you can take the initiative to stay away from chocolate desserts to avoid Eating too much can lead to loss of blood sugar control, which will also cause a greater burden and harm to yourself.

3, Chili

A variety of spicy foods should be loved by most young people, such as red oil hot pot, spicy fragrant pot, malatang, spicy strips and so on.

Maybe these foods are delicious enough to satisfy one’s appetite, but it’s easy to eat too much spicy food It causes some irritating substances to enter the human body, causing burden and irritation to the gastric mucosa, and also damaging blood vessels and causing blood sugar fluctuations.

4, Banana

Banana belongs to a kind of fruit, which can have a laxative effect, and it is also rich in nutrients, which can satisfy people’s appetite, and its nutritional value is also very high. .

Maybe people think bananas are not too sweet, but the glycemic index of this food is not high Therefore, if you don’t want your blood sugar to get out of control, foods like bananas are also advised to eat less or not.

< p data-track="36">5, dried dates

In daily life, most female friends should know more about dryness. This kind of food can nourish qi and nourish blood and improve anemia. Therefore, female friends also eat dried jujube during menstruation or at ordinary times. way to nourish the body.

Dried dates or fresh dates are very sweet, yes Because of its relatively high sugar content, relevant research data shows that the glycemic index of dryness can reach 153.1, so this food is also advised to pull black.

6. Tahini

Tahini is a comparison Common seasonings have a wide range of uses. The most common use should be used for cold dishes. When adding some sesame sauce to cold dishes, it can make the food taste more delicious and satisfy people’s appetite. span>

However, the fat and oil content in sesame paste is relatively high. Excessive intake of sesame paste will not only increase blood concentration, but also damage cardiovascular health. for those It is not good for people who suffer from high blood sugar, so I advise you to eat less or not.

7, fried food

The food is crispy and delicious after being deep-fried at high temperature, which makes people love it, and many young people also like to eat these foods in daily life.

The fat content in fried food is relatively high, and it is easy to cause certain damage to the body after excessive intake. Therefore, if you also have high blood sugar, it is best to actively block all kinds of fried foods.

Hyperglycemia is a relatively serious chronic cardiovascular disease. Everyone can properly adjust and improve, and don’t take it lightly.

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