Can the hair in the private parts be shaved? We use research to speak!

The pros and cons of shavingpubic hair—the cover of the private parts, mysterious and hidden. Not only can protect private parts, but also increase sexual attraction. Figure 1 source soogif, however, some people But I don’t like it, I want to shave but I’m afraid of hurting my private parts. Can I shave private hair? Then look down!

What is the use of private parts?

The fur in the private parts has existed since the birth of human beings. During the evolution of apes to humans, the body hair of apes and other parts of the hair faded or even disappeared, but only pubic hair remained. What is the use of the fur in the private parts? Let me tell you about it~

  • It can help women dissipate heat locally in hot summer, or keep warm in cold weather;

  • When germs and foreign objects invade, it can filter and protect to avoid infection;

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  • There are more nerve fibers in the hair follicles in the private parts, which can stimulate the conduction of the hair follicles through friction and improve the quality of women’s sexual life ;

  • retains the pheromones released by the human body. When perspiring, the secreted sex pheromones are perfectly retained by the pubic hair, thereby enhancing attractiveness to the opposite sex.

‘s private office Why is the fur curly? What changes have you experienced?

  • Before the age of 10, the hair on the private parts has not “emerged”;

  • < span>Second period, about 10-11 years old, the hair on the private parts just “sprouted”, slightly curly, sparse and soft;

  • The third period, 12-13 years old, the hair on the private parts gradually increased, becoming more curly, thicker and darker;

  • The fourth period, 14-15 years old, the hair on the private parts begins to spread and cover the labia, forming a “territory”; span>

  • The fifth issue, 16-17 years old, hairy private partsExpands into the pubic area and begins to form various shapes;

  • sixth At the age of 18, the hair on the private parts “crawls” to the inner thigh in a typical inverted triangle shape.

The growth period of female pubic hair may be similar, but the shape is different, such as bowl-shaped, sunflower fan-shaped, dish-shaped, Inverted triangle, one-line, fire-breathing, etc. (feel like I’ve added some weird knowledge…) >Shave at will, beware of these hazards!

For some women who want to shave it, the hair on the private parts brings them the following inconveniences:

  • When women come to their aunts, blood clots may stick to the fur of the private parts, which is not only difficult to wipe Clean and uncomfortable to look at;

  • whenever women change Aunt towel or other cases, if you accidentally rip off a few hairs, it’s really “what a painful realization”;

  • Hair loss has already troubled women. When the hair loss in the private parts is a bit “serious”, it is even more worrying;

  • When wearing a swimsuit, if a few sticks are exposed, I kind of want to find a hole in the ground and dig up quickly Feel.

But! Numerous studies have shown that casual shaving of private parts may make you more susceptible to disease… BMJ ‘s study found: If you shave your pubic hair, you may be more likely to get herpes, human papillomavirus and other skin STDs. Figure 2 SourceBMJ The results of the study found that those who regularly shave their pubic hair have higher rates of STDs than those who do not. Additionally, research data suggests that those who shave high-frequency, “leave no trace” pubic hair are more likely to develop herpes, HPV, and more. It can be seen that “shaving” is not a haircut. A survey of 1,000 American college students found that 96 percent of women and 87 percent of men shave pubic hair. Among them, 75% felt genital itching after shaving; 40% developed a rash. Most importantly, no matter how you shave, it can cause ingrown pubic hair, causing redness or inflammation in the pubic area.  

  • Is it necessary to shave?

Yes! Public lice! Pubic lice is a type of pediculosis, which is an itching caused by the bite of pubic lice parasitic on the pubic hair and body hair around the anus. skin-to-skin contagious parasitic disease. In order to treat pubic lice, the doctor will recommend shaving the pubic hair before starting the medication when found. Relatively speaking, a large part of the adult worms and eggs can be eliminated. It will greatly shorten the treatment time and improve the effect of drug treatment. Summary It seems that those who shave or not shave private parts are really knowledgeable. Whether you decide to shave or not, you must weigh the pros and cons. If you choose to shave, pay attention to post-shave care. References:[1] Osterberg E C , Gaither T W , Awad M A , et al. Correlation between pubic hair grooming and STIs: results from a nationally representative probability sample[J]. Sexually Transmitted Infections, 2016, 93(3):162.

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