Can the anti-cancer power be supplemented like this? High-quality nutrition is indispensable for everyone!

In our daily treatment, we hear all kinds of rhetoric about “nutrition is important”, but few people can be specific of how important nutrition is.

In fact, the impact of nutrition on our lives is comprehensive. It not only affects our body, but also affects us unknowingly. Spirituality, causing stress on us and affecting our quality of life.

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In cancer treatment, malnourished tumor patients are more likely to experience almost all side effects, which in turn Aggravate malnutrition and fall into a vicious circle. And good nutrition will help us through this difficult time.

The key question then arises: how to get high-quality nutrition?

Quality protein not to be missed

Protein is the main component of our muscles, blood, skin and other bodily organs, the cornerstone of all life! We must consume enough protein every day to maintain the renewal of our body tissues. Compared with the general population, cancer patients during treatment have a more urgent need for protein.

How to ingest high-quality protein with “quality and quantity”?

The amount of protein we need every day is related to body weight. For example, a 50kg patient should eat 50g every day ~75g protein, about 8~12 eggs (about 6g protein in one egg).

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However, protein also has advantages and disadvantages.

We all know that protein is composed of amino acids, and some amino acids cannot be produced by our own bodies, so we need to get them from food. Supplement, there are nine such amino acids. Our requirements for these nine amino acids are different. For example, the requirement for leucine is seven times that of tryptophan.

If we eat the next food, the amino acids in this food are all essential amino acids, and the ratio of amino acids in the food is also appropriate, such as tryptophan Acid and leucine are exactly 1:7, which is very conducive to our absorption and utilization, so such a food is a “high-quality protein” food.

Similarly, if a food contains only two amino acids that we must, and none of the other amino acids we need, such as Ejiao Collagen in peas, legumes in peas, etc., then this food is a “non-high-quality protein” food.

If cancer patients want to eat, they must eat more high-quality protein. Such as eggs, milk, fish, meat, soybeans, etc., non-high-quality protein can be eaten occasionally.

Appropriate supplement of trace elements

There are eight essential trace elements in the human body:iron, copper, zinc, selenium, chromium, iodine, cobalt, molybdenum, which are generally consumed by cancer patients through a balanced diet These elements will do.

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The elements that are more likely to be deficient during treatment are iron and zinc.< span>You can consciously eat more iron and zinc-containing foods, such as animal liver, animal blood, egg yolks with high iron content, and shellfish, nuts, egg yolks with high zinc content Etc.

But everything should be in moderation, too much iron will inhibit the absorption of zinc and promote the absorption of fluoride , too much zinc will also inhibit the absorption of iron, and the minerals in our body will affect each other, so just add some in moderation.

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In addition to trace elements, calcium is also easy to be deficient as a macro element. Combined with osteoporosis caused by the plummeting estrogen after ovarian surgery, it greatly increases our need for calcium.

Osteoporosis generally has no symptoms, so it is often overlooked, and some patients are only discovered after fractures. In order to prevent fractures, we eat more calcium-rich foods, such as dairy products and fish and shellfish, and moderate sun exposure to promote vitamin D synthesis.

Be careful about drinking water /strong>

Water is one of the essential nutrients for the human body and the source of life. We all say we need to drink more water, so how much water should we drink to be considered as drinking more water?

Meal Pagoda shows that our body needs water in a day 1500-1700ml, equivalent to three to four thermos cups of water, or seven to nine paper cups of water.

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During chemotherapy, in order to speed up the metabolism of the drug, you can drink more water appropriately. Generally, the patient is required to drink it every day< strong>2500mlwater, about five bottles of mineral water, twelve to thirteen paper cups of water.

So much water, we had better drink it proactively and distributed, don’t wait for thirsty to drink it, Don’t drink too much water at one time. We can make our own “water drinking plan”. It is very suitable to drink half a bottle of water or a paper cup of water every hour.

Cancer enters from the mouth, stay away from carcinogens!

Since you seek health, you must follow through. To “eat more” and “eat less”, eat more healthy food and less bad food.

The “worst” foods are those that cause cancer. Common cancer-causing foods include:

① Class 1 carcinogen alcohol;

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② Foods containing aflatoxin, such as moldy food, bitter nuts, and inferior self-pressed oil containing aflatoxin;

③ areca nut that can cause oral cancer;

④ high-temperature fried, containing benzopyrene Meat, French fries, barbecue, bacon, etc.;

⑤ Pickled vegetables and pickled vegetables containing nitrite, leftovers, long-cooked

⑥ Red meat and processed meat products, such as sausage, ham, luncheon meat, etc., which increase the risk of breast cancer .


< >In addition to these,foods high in salt, sugar, and fat are also harmful to health, and should be eaten sparingly.

Of course, a healthy diet goes beyond these factors,Vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, grains and potatoes are all very important.We all have to eat them too. We can choose different types of food to eat every day and try to balance them as much as possible Eat, live healthy.

Do you still want to know more about the dietary knowledge of “how and what to eat for cancer patients”?

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