Can gout patients eat melon seeds?

(Contributing Author: Dr. Jia, Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tianjin Medical University) As we all know, gout patients have many dietary taboos, and they should always pay attention to the purine content of ingredients. Try to follow the principle of choosing more low-purine foods, eating less medium-purine foods, and not eating high-purine foods. So in addition to the staple food, in the choice of some snacks, can you eat melon seeds and nuts as usual? < /g>

First of all, nut food is medium and low Purine food. For example, common peanuts and cashews are medium-purine foods, and melon seeds, walnuts, almonds, and chestnuts are low-purine foods, which can be eaten by gout patients. However, it should be noted that it is best to choose unprocessed natural dried fruits. Because artificially processed dried fruit may be fried, fried with sugar and salt, it will increase the intake of fat, sugar and salt, and it may also affect the metabolism of uric acid. And in the way of secondary processing, you should try to choose the way of washing raw, boiling, and roasting, and avoid frying, dipping in sugar and salt. Secondly, natural dried fruits should also be eaten in moderation, not a substitute for the staple food, let alone eating a lot in addition to the staple food. < /g>

Nuts have low purine content, but oil High content and high heat. Gout patients should also pay attention to the intake of fat in their daily diet, because ketone bodies, the products of fat metabolism, will compete with uric acid and hinder the metabolism of uric acid, especially during gout attacks, eat less high-fat foods. Eating too many high-calorie nuts can also lead to obesity, which in turn may lead to insulin resistance and reduced uric acid excretion. Therefore, especially for people with gout, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, it is still recommended to eat nuts in small amounts. < /g>

Secondly, although nuts are good, and People in gout remission should still fast dry nuts in the following situations:

1. Diarrhea. Nuts have high oil content and rich dietary fiber, such as walnuts and peanuts, which have a laxative effect after eating. Therefore, people with diarrhea and weak gastrointestinal function are not recommended to eat nuts.

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2. Allergies. Nut allergy is a very common allergic phenomenon, and even life-threatening in severe cases. Therefore, people who are allergic to nuts must avoid dry nuts. < /g>

3. People who lose weight. Most nuts are high-calorie ingredients, such as melon seeds: a small handful of melon seeds (about 2 taels) is equivalent to two bowls of rice (about half a catty). And it is small as a snack, and it is often inadvertently overeaten. < /g>

Therefore, people who are losing weight, and those who have endocrine-related diseases are adjusting their diet, People who want to control their weight should eat less nuts.

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All in all, melon seeds, almonds, walnuts and other nuts are rich in nutrients and low in purine content, which are suitable for most gout patients. But at the same time, you should refer to your own situation and whether you have other underlying diseases, and you can control the amount of food you eat.

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