Calm down and read some books (excerpt 5 of good sentences)

Think of a sentence: If a person wants to succeed, he cannot do without the guidance of experts, the help of noble people, personal efforts, and the run of villains. Personally, I think this principle is very practical, and it is recommended that everyone use it.

Easy to use is easy to use, but the question is how can I meet the masters and nobles?

Personal experience is: these people are unattainable, and they are all cultivated by you, but there is only one premise: if you want to succeed, you work hard enough. So, everything is up to you.

If you work hard and make progress, it is possible to meet people who appreciate you or have the same aspirations as you along the way. As long as you are humble and sincere enough, they will be able to meet you. might help you. The person who can help you when you need help is your noble person.

As for the masters, they must be those who have achieved achievements and “stand” a little higher than the nobles. What they give to you is not necessarily specific and detailed. , the guidance and help at the operational level, but the directional planning and goals, as well as the methods and paths to achieve the goals. If you want to get advice from someone, you have to work even harder.

As for the villain, I will only talk about one thing today. If you don’t want to make progress and are willing to do nothing, you will generally not meet the villain. On the contrary, the villain will be like a shadow. , accompanied by left and right. There is only one way to defeat the villain and get rid of the “shadow”, which is success.

Be grateful to the masters and nobles, and be compassionate to the villains. After all, if you succeed, he is still a villain.

The above ideas are not necessarily correct and are for reference only.

Excerpt a few sentences and share with you:

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