Bring the rainforest indoors! Come to this mall in Beijing, you can meet 8 “dinosaurs”

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Liu Ping

On August 3, citizens walked into CapitaMall Grand Canyon as if they had walked into a natural oxygen bar. The Majiapu Regional Urban Vitality Center in Fengtai District, Beijing was first completed at CapitaMall Grand Canyon. Over 10,000 square meters of “Beijing Fresh Oxygen Shopping Park” has created an indoor version of the tropical rainforest, and the “Wonderful” Coptic Exhibition of the China Museum of Paleontology Evolutionary Journey” reveals the evolution of life in 500 million years.

Cade MALL Grand Canyon will Green plants and flowers from different generations and origins have been moved into the shopping center in Northland, and have been cultivated and maintained by special personnel to create a tropical rainforest-like vegetation landscape.

In the atrium on the first floor of the shopping center, a bird with a height of more than 9 meters is placed in the canyon forest and ” The pink dinosaur skeleton on the “Pink Beach” presents the beauty of time and space, life and wonderful imagination 500 million years ago to people’s eyes.

When you come to different floors, you can also find 8 “dinosaurs” such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Bullosaurus, Triceratops and Velociraptors in the depths of the canyon forest. among the plants.