Breeding and planting is a good hand

□Correspondent/Liu Hongwen, making a profit

“My dream is to turn this place into a green ocean, and now, the dream has come true.” On April 10, Yang Bingquan, a major forest and fruit grower in Aksu City, said.

In 1984, Yang Bingquan came to Aksu from Chongqing and began to develop the breeding industry. He was hard-working and good at management. His breeding scale became larger and larger, and he also established a breeding company with an annual income of more than 10 million yuan. .

“When I first came to Aksu, every spring and autumn, sand and dust flew all over the sky. Later, thanks to the implementation of the Kekeya Desert Greening Project, the environment became better and better.” Yang Bingquan said, witnessing the green With the emergence of a miracle, he came up with the idea of ​​contracting the Gobi desert to develop the forest and fruit industry.

“I want to use the money I made in Aksu in Aksu.” Just do it. In 2016, Yang Bingquan contracted 2,800 mu of Gobi desert and began to level the land. In March 2017 Large-scale afforestation began.

Yang Bingquan takes the mountains as his home and the wind as his companion. He has invited experts in water conservancy, forestry and fruit fields to visit and make suggestions many times. He has also visited Shandong Province many times to buy fruit tree seedlings.

“Because of the high salinity of the soil, apple trees have been planted one after another, and as soon as they die, they will be replanted immediately. In order to improve the soil, I bought farmyard manure to fertilize the fruit trees; in order to solve the problem of watering The problem, I started drip irrigation.” Yang Bingquan said.

After 6 years of hard work and investment of 30 million yuan, Yang Bingquan’s afforestation has achieved results, and his apple trees have survived and flourished. His apple orchard was also rated as simplified by the Aksu area. Cultivation demonstration base.

“I have never regretted planting trees on the deserted Gobi desert. Now the trees are shady and the fresh fruit is fragrant. I am very happy.” Yang Bingquan said that he plans to develop plant species in the base. Farming is combined with circular agriculture, relying on the organic fertilizer produced by the farm to nourish the forest and fruit, and at the same time develop picking, sightseeing and leisure agriculture, driving more people to increase employment and income, and share the dividends of ecological civilization construction.