Breast pain, will something grow? The truth is..

height 300″ layout=”responsive” sizes=”(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw” src=”>width” After experiencing the epidemic control at home and welcoming the summer vacation, I believe that many mothers have long been heartbroken for the “divine beast” at home. Tutoring homework, playing and sleeping together, mothers’ emotions fluctuated, and breast pain also came in bursts~~~

Do mood swings affect breasts?

Studies have found that women who are depressed for a long time are indeed prone to breast pain. Especially for some sensitive women.

The mammary gland is the target organ of sex hormones, and it changes periodically due to the influence of endocrine. Physiological changes. Mood fluctuations have a greater impact on endocrine changes, which can cause instability in sex hormone levels.

When women are stressed, irritable, anxious and depressed strong>, it will cause the normal secretion of sex hormones, resulting in an increase in ovarian estrogen, and a relative decrease in progesterone or abnormal estrogen receptor function. When estrogen is absolutely or relatively excessive, breast pain can be induced.

Actually, more than 80% of breast pains are not caused by pathological causes. In addition, breast pain during adolescence, premenstrual breast pain, breast pain during pregnancy, postpartum breast pain, post-abortion breast pain, and breast pain after sex are all related to hormone fluctuations.

Is breast pain a lump?

When breast pain occurs, female friends always worry about whether there is a lump or something. But in fact, the breast cysts and nodules that everyone is worried about are often not accompanied by symptoms of breast pain. Therefore, breast pain does not mean that the breast has a lump. In most cases, it is to reflect on the recent life state, including emotions, stress, work and rest, etc.

Although thePain in the room does not mean “sick”, but if the bad mood is not improved and resolved for a long time, the result will not be as simple as breast pain, but will also lead to various breast diseases. Remember when we wrote about bad emotions and breast cancer? (click to view)

Of course, breast-related diseases are the result of many factors, and negative emotions, stress and other factors are only one of them.

Whether you have breast disease or not, I hope you can face life with a positive and relaxed attitude from now on, and create a healthier emotional environment for yourself.

Although breast pain is not the same as disease, if it happens frequently, it may still be evaluated by a doctor Do a “checkup” of your breasts. Even if no breast pain, regular breast exams are required, typicallyevery 3-6 months Breast ultrasound, 40+ years of ageyearly One mammogram. Only regular inspections can detect diseases at the first time.

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