Blue veins burst out because of the accumulation of toxins? not credible

Many people have large and small blue veins on their hands. Different thickness and color. There is a saying in the market: the blue veins on the hands are bursting, which is the result of the accumulation of toxins. Is this true?

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In our neck, the back of the hand, the back of the calf and other areas, there will be some blue blood vessel-like veins, commonly known as blue veins. Although the term “blue veins” has the word “jin” in its name, it is actually just our veins, with dark red venous blood flowing in it. Since superficial veins are often more than 0.5 mm under the skin, complex optical processes occur at this depth, red light is highly penetrating and can be injected into the blood vessels, partially absorbed by hemoglobin, while blue light is more reflected, so we I saw veins close to cyan.

Why some people’s blue veins are particularly obvious, is it really too much toxin in the body?

A thin body means less subcutaneous fat and therefore more prominent veins. For people with fair skin, the light transmittance of the skin will be better, so the blood vessels can be seen more clearly.

People who exercise regularly or engage in physical labor need more blood supply to their limbs when they exercise more, so arterial blood flow increases, while venous blood flow increases. The flow will also increase accordingly. Because the vein walls are relatively loose structures, long-term high blood flow will stretch them thicker and more swollen, so the veins are more obvious.

Older people are older, fat atrophy, and thin skin. In addition, muscle atrophy reduces the support and restriction of veins. This makes the veins bulge significantly.

In medicine, most of the “blue veins” on the back of the hand are normal physiological protrusions. Ordinary people are more protruding, but as long as there is no lumps, no pain, or heaviness, there is no need to worry, it does not mean that there is a problem with the body.

Unless the blood vessels are checked over time, it is found that the veins are blocked, resulting in compensatory tortuous expansion of peripheral veins. treat.

Xiaoqian reminds: The appearance of blue veins on the hands is a relatively normal physiological phenomenon. Everyone’s physique is different, so it is natural for the blue veins to bulge. It will be different, don’t worry too much.

Of course, you should also pay attention to the changes in the veins of your body.

Source: Popular Science China Beiqing Net Western Net