blood in stool

Yiyou April 22 Chen Thirty-Four was five years old, he had blood in the stool after feces, cold and dampness was a disease, wrong tonic and cold, loss of appetite, qi came out of the drowning tube, like a woman blowing from the vagina, it was qi in the abdomen. On the left side of the liver, you can’t lie down, and if you get greasy, you will shiver. There is almost nowhere to start. It is suggested that the root cause must be found in the treatment of diseases, and the treatment should still be treated from the perspective of cold and dampness, so that people can eat safely before discussing. With loess decoction to remove soft medicine, add rigid medicine.

The loess in the stove, four liang, Yunling, five qian, Chuanjiao charcoal, three qian, Maoshan Cangzhu (raw), three qian, cooked aconite, three qian xiangfu, three qian, shengyizhiren, three qianguang Three qian of tangerine peel, three qian of ginger, three cups of cooking, divided into three servings, three servings.

On the first day of the fifth lunar month, and then take the second post.

On the third day of May, heart palpitations and shortness of breath, add four qian of aurantium aurantium, two qian of dried ginger, four posts.

On May 11, I went to Chuanjiaotan in Yuanfang. Five posts.

On the 21st of May, all the symptoms are cured, the general trend has not retreated, and the left pulse is tight. Three posts.

On May 27, all the symptoms were relieved, but the blood in the stool recurred after the feces, and the loess soup was used. Hematochezia after feces is cold-dampness in the small intestine, which is not the same family as heat-dampness in the large intestine before feces.

In the stove, the loess, eight, two cooked aconite, four qian, scutellaria charcoal, four qianyun, poria, five qian, stir-fried atractylodes, four qian, Guangpi charcoal, three qian, raw Yizhiren, two qian, boiled three cup, divided into three doses, with blood not coming as the measure.

On July 14th, the complexion is blue and yellow stagnant and dark, the six pulses are stringy and thin without yang, and the stomach yang is weak. Clothes.

Ginger pinellia, six qian, Yizhiren, three qian, Chuanjiao charcoal, one qian Yunling yuan, five qian, Bai Kou kernel, one qianguang tangerine peel, three qian, raw coix seed, five qian, boil three cups, and divide into three times Clothes.

On July 17th, five coins of Guizhi were added to the original square.

November 15th, liver stagnation with phlegm and drink, cold and dampness as a disease, before and Huangtu decoction to treat the cold and dampness of feces and blood in stool, and the redness of the stool has stopped; And tonify the stomach yang, the current diet has been greatly improved, and all the symptoms are gradually relieved, but the six pulses are thin and stringy, the right hand has stomach qi, the left hand is tight, the phlegm is too cold, and there is still lying down on the side of the body. Drink by phlegm.

Ginger pinellia, eight coins of Guizhi, six coins of Chuanjiao charcoal, three coins of Yunling cubes, five coins of fried white peony root, three coins of dried ginger, three coins of Xuanfu flower bag, three coins of incense sticks and four coins Guangpi five qian, small citrus aurantium three qian, boil three cups, and take three times.

On the tenth day of the first month of December, the pulse is stringy and tense, the phlegm is abundant, the chills are chilly, and the Qi is moving upwards. Furious.

Cinnamon twigs, one or two pieces of poria cocos, two whole pieces of angelica, three qians of Guigui, with the rough skin removed, five qian of roasted licorice, five qian of Chuanxiong, and two qian of Chuanxiong. , after taking the medicine, spit stubborn phlegm in two mouthfuls.

December 11th The impulse has stopped, the six channels have retreated tightly and the strings have not been removed. You can take the prescription on the tenth day of the first day for half a day, and change the prescription on the 29th day after that, so as not to be afraid of the cold.

December 12th and 3rd, take two plasters of liver-soothing medicine on November 15th.

On the 14th day of the 12th month, the back felt chilly, and the pulse was still stringy and tense. Then, on the 10th day of the 12th month, take two doses of Guizhi Jiagui Decoction to replenish the sun. After taking the medicine, he vomited two mouthfuls of black stubborn phlegm.

December 17th, the pulse is still tight, the back is still chilly, and the Yang has not fully recovered. Take the original prescription for two more doses, divided into four days.

Severe chills from the day before December 19th have subsided but have not healed. It is advisable to add cinnamon twigs and cinnamon soup on the tenth day of the first day, and then take two posts, divided into four days, so it is after the beginning of spring.

On the fifth day of the first lunar month of Bingxu, the six pulses are stringing, the left pulse is tighter, the stool is red after feces, the small intestine is cold and damp, Huangtu Decoction is the main prescription, and Huangtu Decoction is used to remove softening medicine , add dampness and yang. Although I feel hot in my chest, my vest is poured with hot water. The so-called cloud heat is not heat, but is it aversion to cold?

The loess in the stove, eight liang, cinnamon sticks, five qian, scutellaria charcoal, four qian, cloud poria, six qian, cooked aconite, four qian, Guangpi charcoal, four qian, raw coix rice, five qian, atractylodes charcoal, four qian , boil four bowls, and take it four times. If there is more blood, take more. In case of blood rushing, add aconite to seven or eight coins. Take the blood to stop, and then take it again. also.

Prescription of pills: Yang deficiency and stringy pulse, known as cold-damp phlegm retention, and Juanyin pill prescription, tonify the spleen and stomach by promoting yang and expelling dampness.

Yunling block eight liang guizhi eight liang dry ginger charcoal four liang ginger pinellia eight liang atractylodes charcoal four liang

benefit Zhiren four liang raw Yiren eight liang wide skin six liang roasted licorice three liang, the right is the fine powder, Shenqu paste pill, small Wuzi big, three qian per serving, three servings a day, avoid raw and cold pork.

On the 10th day of the first month of Bingxu, although the redness of the feces has stopped, the cold and dampness has not stopped, and the tightness of the pulse has also decreased. In the wet, it also harmonizes with the battalion and defense.

One ​​or two cassia twigs and four liangs of loess in the stove, stir-fried Guangpi, six liang of cloud poria, three qian, fried white peony root, four qian, ginger and three qian

Raw coix seed, three qian, atractylodes atractylodes, three qian, jujube, pitted, two pieces of ginger, pinellia, three qian, scutellaria baicalensis charcoal, 1 qian, five fen, boil three cups, and take three times. Medium is pork.

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