Bitter melon grows “freckles” to be alert to anthracnose

[Source: Shaanxi Rural News]

Currently, it is the peak season for the production of bitter gourd Small brown spots appeared on the strips of bitter gourd, which will directly affect sales. On the surface of the diseased melon strips, water-soaked light brown spots first appeared, and then the lesions expanded and became nearly circular. Judging from the symptoms of the melon strips, this is caused by the damage of anthracnose. The disease not only affects the fruit, but also the leaves and vines.

Causes of the disease

The disease may occur in bitter gourd from the seedling stage to the late growth stage, especially in the hot and rainy season. Humidity is an important factor in inducing anthracnose. When the humidity is high, bitter gourd spit water or dew on the leaves, it is easy to get sick. The bitter gourd that is currently in the fruiting stage has clumps of branches and vines, and the rows are relatively closed. In addition, the humidity in the shed is high, which aggravates the occurrence of anthracnose.

Control methods

For the control of bitter gourd anthracnose, it is recommended to carry out together with bacterial diseases. , thiophanate-methyl and other agents are sprayed together with zinc thiazole, copper quinoline, thiacazole and other agents, once every 5 to 7 days.

In addition to spraying to prevent diseases, vegetable farmers should also pay attention to raising leaves and vines to enhance the disease resistance of plants. When spraying, it can be combined with foliar fertilizers of amino acids and chitin to maintain and protect the leaves, enhance the disease resistance of plants, and strengthen the maintenance of the root system.

In addition, the ventilation of the greenhouse should be strengthened, the vines after picking melons and the yellowed old and diseased leaves in the lower part should be removed in time, and the excess lateral branches should be wiped off to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions between the rows.

(Wu Rongmei)

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