Big release! 2021 “China Oncology Research Expert Nomination List” released

The academic papers in the field of oncology in 2021 will present a prosperous age of blooming flowers, record the development track of oncology, and provide a trace of progress for those who are behind. In China, we are pleased to see that many excellent oncologists have devoted themselves to this challenging field and published many high-quality papers.

In order to commend, motivate and promote the academic development of oncology research, the “2021 Nomination List of Oncology Research Experts” sponsored by the Metz Medical Platform was conceived. Adhering to the principle of “objectivity and impartiality”, the event selected “100+” outstanding experts in oncology in China. A total of 1 honorable pioneer list and 5 tumor sub-specialty lists were set up, including the “Peak Award of ‘Research’ Value” and “Excellent Innovation Award” 2 honorary titles.

The list is in the publicity period, scan the code to view the latest version