Beijing Yanqing will issue millions of consumer coupons, and the next wave will be available from 0:00 on August 1

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Li Yao

The reporter learned from the Yanqing District Culture and Tourism Bureau that from July 14th to September 30th , Yanqing issued a million-yuan cultural and tourism scenic spot consumption coupons in 3 stages, covering 14 key scenic spots in the region including Badaling Great Wall, Yanqing Olympic Park, Longqing Gorge, and the “Changing Yanqing One Card” package for tourists. Free distribution. The first batch of scenic spot ticket consumption coupons were issued on the evening of July 14, and they were sold out as soon as they were issued. The second phase will be distributed on the WeChat applet of “Travel Inside and Outside the Great Wall” at 0:00 on August 1.

The consumption coupons issued this time can be collected by tourists and citizens through the WeChat applet of “Travel Inside and Outside the Great Wall”. The collection time of consumption coupons is divided into three stages: the first stage is from July 14th to July 31st; the second stage is from August 1st to August 31st; the third stage is from September 1st to September 30 days. Valid for the month received in the current month.

Yanqing District scenic spot ticket coupons will be linked with the accommodation coupons issued by the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to provide tourists with the integration of “accommodation + play” “Micro-vacation” package. During the validity period, tourists can freely choose 3 scenic spots out of 14 scenic spots with one card, and can also transfer them to others. What needs to be reminded is that each person can receive 1 “Changyou Yanqing Card (Yanqing Culture and Tourism Bureau Scenic Spot Ticket Consumption Coupon)”, after successful purchase, activate it according to the SMS prompt steps, and enter the park by swiping the ID card at the entrance of the scenic spot. After activation, it will be valid for 3 natural days from the first scenic spot after verification (entry into the park); after verification of any 3 scenic spots in the 14 scenic spots, the card will be invalid, and each scenic spot can only be played once; the tickets included in this card are scenic spots The first big ticket, excluding the garden within the scenic spot and other items that are charged additionally. For the specific operation and usage steps, citizens can follow the WeChat public account of “Beautiful Yanqing” or learn about the details page of the “Travel Inside and Outside the Great Wall” applet.

According to the requirements of Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control, citizens who come to play must arrange their travel reasonably, cooperate with homestays and scenic spots to make advance reservations, measure temperature, scan codes, and ventilate and disinfect, queue up in an orderly manner, and obey Grooming. When traveling, abide by local epidemic prevention requirements, pay attention to protecting the environment, pay attention to public health, and avoid gatherings.

Photo courtesy of Yanqing District Culture and Tourism Bureau