Beijing Municipal Health Commission: Hospital mortuary bans for-profit funeral services

In order to effectively solve the outstanding problems in the hospital mortuary service, which are strongly reflected by citizens, to further standardize and strengthen the management of hospital mortuary and funeral services, and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, with the support of relevant departments, the Municipal Health and Health Commission recently launched a plan to strengthen hospital mortuaries. The management work shall be arranged, and any for-profit funeral services shall be explicitly prohibited in the mortuary area of ​​the hospital.

Required by the Municipal Health and Health Commission, each hospital shall follow the “Guiding Opinions on Further Promoting the Reform of Funeral and Interment and Promoting the Development of the Funeral Industry” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other 16 departments, “Beijing The Civil Affairs Bureau’s Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in Funeral Service Charges and Management” and other documents require that the investigation and management of the mortuary management field be further strengthened, and any for-profit funeral services should be prohibited in the hospital mortuary area, and relevant work should be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations. For the family members of the deceased who have relevant funeral service needs, they should provide services in a safe and sound manner by cooperating with various funeral homes in this city.

For the funeral service agencies that are currently cooperating with each other, each hospital will fully perform the hospital’s supervision responsibilities in the cooperation agreement and in daily work, strictly review the qualifications of the funeral service agency, and confirm whether the cooperative agency has been approved by the civil affairs department. If you have permission to enter, and have a “Funeral Service License”, the unqualified funeral service organization will be ordered to stop service immediately. Regularly supervise the situation of funeral service agencies engaging in funeral services beyond the scope, violating the funeral service charging policy, and failing to publicize various service information in a prominent position. Strengthen safety protection, instruct funeral service agencies to do a good job of sanitation and epidemic prevention, and put an end to violations of epidemic prevention and control, safety production management regulations and other violations of laws and regulations. For hospitals that cooperate with funeral service agencies in violation of laws and regulations, they shall assume corresponding management responsibilities once verified.

While investigating and regulating the services of mortuary cooperative funeral service companies, each hospital should actively and steadily connect funeral services with funeral homes and provide compliant funeral services. In the relevant areas of the mortuary, publicize the address, contact information, and complaint reporting number of funeral homes in the city, and take the initiative to inform the family of the deceased. Strictly implement the mortuary management system, operation supervision mechanism and service process, do a good job in the management of vehicles for the transportation of remains and medical waste, and ensure mortuary services.

The Municipal Health and Health Commission will further strengthen the supervision and inspection of the hospital’s mortuary management, and work with relevant departments to study policies and measures to continuously improve the mortuary management. If any violations are found in the hospital, the health and health department will seriously deal with it according to its responsibilities and resolutely maintain it. The legitimate rights and interests of citizens.

(Original title: Hospital mortuary bans for-profit funeral services)

Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Sun Leqi

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