Beihai Park lotus is in full bloom, and tourists can take a new boat to enjoy the lotus on weekends

Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Lu) At the beginning of August, the 8,000-square-meter Lotus Lake in Beihai Park was full of green leaves, and the lotus was in full bloom. This year, Beihai Park has updated 20 battery boats. This weekend, citizens and tourists can take the new boats to enjoy the lotus.

The creation of the song “Let’s Row the Sculls” is based on Beihai Park. The fitness hand rowing in the park is known as “green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon” and is deeply loved by the general public. During the summer vacation, Beihai Park updated 20 battery boats. At present, the boats have been assembled and launched one after another. This weekend, citizens and tourists have the opportunity to take a new boat to enjoy the scenery.

Beihai Park has a long history of lotus cultivation, and lotus is also the brand flower of Beihai Park. At present, the space lotus and Baiyangdian red lotus on the lotus lake are blooming. At present, 460 boats of various types are distributed in 11 piers in the whole park, meeting the different needs of different tourists. Tourists can take a boat to sway among the lotus flowers and enjoy the beautiful summer scenery of the summer lotus and the ancient buildings.

Editor Liu Mengjie

Proofreading Chen Diyan